2016 Men’s Pac-12 Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


It’s the final day of action at the men’s Pac-12 Championships in Federal Way, Washington. Headed into today’s prelims, Stanford holds the lead with 552 points. USC sits in 2nd with 477, and Cal is a close 3rd with 430. Today we’ll see the 200s back, breast, and fly, as well as the 100 free. The distance swimmers will compete in the mile later this afternoon, with the top 8 competing in finals.

Men’s 200 Back:

USC’s Patrick Mulcare swam to the top seed in the 200 back this morning, clocking a 1:40.22 to lead the field. Stanford’s Patrick Mulcare (1:40.85) also swam a 1:40 to take 2nd overall. Arizona’s Thane Maudslien was 3rd in 1:41.60.

USC, Stanford, and Arizona all got 2 in to the final. Stanford’s Ryan Arata was 4th in 1:41.66, just ahead of USC’s Jonathan Knox (1:41.92). Arizona’s Chatham Dobbs took the 7th seed in 1:42.47. Also making it to the final were ASU’s Barkley Perry (1:42.00) and Cal’s Connor Green (1:43.29).

Top 8:

  1. Patrick Mulcare, USC- 1:40.22
  2. Patrick Conaton, Stanford- 1:40.85
  3. Thane Maudslien, Arizona- 1:41.60
  4. Ryan Arata, Stanford- 1:41.66
  5. Jonathan Knox, USC- 1:41.92
  6. Barkley Perry, ASU- 1:42.00
  7. Chatham Dobbs, Arizona- 1:42.47
  8. Connor Green, Cal- 1:43.29

Men’s 100 Free:

Stanford’s Sam Perry, winner of the 50 free on Thursday, was the only man under 43 this morning. Perry touched the wall in 42.92 to take the top seed. Cal’s Justin Lynch swam a 43.08 to take 2nd, just ahead of Arizona’s Renny Richmond, who was a nail behind in 43.10.

USC’s Ralf Tribuntsov (43.21) and Reed Malone (43.25) were 4th and 5th. ASU’s Richard Bohus (43.29) and Tadas Duskinas (43.34) came in behind them at 6th and 7th. There was a tie for 8th between two Stanford swimmers. Spencer DeShon and Cole Cogswell both swam a 43.46, and will have to swim off for the final spot in the A final.

Top 8:

  1. Sam Perry, Stanford- 42.92
  2. Justin Lynch, Cal- 43.08
  3. Renny Richmond, Arizona- 43.10
  4. Ralf Tribuntsov, USC- 43.21
  5. Reed Malone, USC- 43.25
  6. Richard Bohus, ASU- 43.29
  7. Tadas Duskinas, ASU- 43.34
  8. Tie. Spencer DeShon, Stanford and Cole Cogswell, Stanford- 43.46

Men’s 200 Breast:

USC’s Steven Stumph made a huge drop from his season best to post a 1:53.61 for the top seed headed into tonight’s final. Stumph was over a second faster than anyone else this morning. ASU’s Christian Lorenz took 2nd behind him with a 1:55.03. Stanford’s Matt Anderson swam a solid 1:55.24 to grab 3rd seed.

Cal’s Matt Whittle took 4th overall in 1:55.52, just ahead of his teammate Hunter Cobleigh (1:55.59), who was right at his seed time for 5th. Arizona’s Gage Crosby tied with USC’s Morten Klarskov for 6th overall with a pair of 1:56.13s. took the 4th seed with a 1:56.13. Arizona’s Blair Bish rounded out the top 8 with a 1:56.23.

Notably, USC’s Carsten Vissering just missed out on the top 8. Vissering swam a 1:56.44 this morning, landing him at 9th place. Cal’s Connor Hoppe, who won the 100 breast last night, took 11th and will swim with him in the B final.

Top 8:

  1. Steven Stumph, USC- 1:53.76
  2. Christian Lorenz, Arizona State – 1:55.03
  3. Matt Anderson, Stanford- 1:55.24
  4. Matt Whittle, Cal – 1:55.52
  5. Hunter Cobleigh, Cal- 1:55.59
  6. (tie) Gage Crosby, Arizona- 1:56.13
  7. (tie) Morten Klarskov, USC – 1:56.13
  8. Blair Bish, Arizona – 1:56.23

Men’s 200 Fly:

Arizona’s Justin Wright took the top seed in the men’s 200 fly, posting a 1:42.19. Wright has already been faster at this meet, with a 1:41.77 in a time trial. He’ll look to replicate that in finals and race for his first ever Pac-12 title. Not far behind this morning was Stanford’s Gray Umbach, who took 2nd in 1:42.41. Cal’s Andrew Seliskar took 3rd overall in 1:43.58.

Stanford’s Jimmy Yoder was 4th this morning in 1:43.62. Yoder has also swum faster at this meet in time trials, having posted a 1:42.41. His teammate, Abrahm DeVine (1:44.77), took 8th overall to give Stanford 3 in the A final. ASU’s Patrick Park was 5th in 1:43.72. Cal’s Long Gutierrez (1:44.17) and Arizona’s Rasmus Skjaerpe (1:44.56) also earned spots in the final at 6th and 7th, respectively.

Top 8:

  1. Justin Wright, Arizona- 1:42.19
  2. Gray Umbach, Stanford- 1:42.41
  3. Andrew Seliskar, Cal- 1:43.58
  4. Jimmy Yoder, Stanford- 1:43.62
  5. Patrick Park, ASU- 1:43.72
  6. Long Gutierrez, Cal- 1:44.17
  7. Rasmus Skjaerpe, Arizona- 1:44.56
  8. Abrahm DeVine, Stanford- 1:44.77

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8 years ago

Anybody have some insight into Utah’s rough meet?

Y Choi
Reply to  hambone
8 years ago


Reply to  hambone
8 years ago

Rough is right. Has anyone improved on seed times???

bobo gigi
8 years ago

They put Justin Lynch in the 100 free.
I believed butterfly was his specialty.
Just a team strategy?

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

bobo – yes. Swimmers can enter up to 3 individual events, and at a meet like this, you almost have to use all 3 from all swimmers, from a team

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

his 100Fr prelim time should make ncaa cut. maybe they/he thought he’d do better there than 200 fly. his 50 fr should make the ncaa cut as well.


8 years ago

Nobody from podium in 100 Breast made top 8 in 200 today. Rocky breaststroke group without Prenot there. Cordes is missed in the Pac-12

U of A mom 3
Reply to  Pac12Fan
8 years ago

Blair Bish on podium in 100 breast back tonight in 200 breast.

Sean Justice
8 years ago

Did you miss a swimmer from asu in the 200 breast?

Justin Pollard
8 years ago

The 200 Breast results above are a bit off (maybe missed a heat?). Here’s what the live results say:

1 Stumph, Steven JR USC-CA 1:56.70 1:53.61
25.95 28.24 29.22 30.20
2 Lorenz, Christian SO ASU-AZ 1:54.10 1:55.03
26.31 29.08 29.66 29.98
3 Anderson, Matt FR STAN-PC 1:58.42 1:55.24
25.38 29.08 29.88 30.90
4 Whittle, Matt SO CAL-PC 1:58.31 1:55.52
26.17 29.20 29.74 30.41
5 Cobleigh, Hunter JR CAL-PC 1:55.66 1:55.59
25.81 28.64 29.30 31.84
6 Klarskov, Morten SR USC-CA 1:56.28 1:56.13
26.34 29.80 29.65 30.34
6 Crosby, Gage JR ARIZ-AZ 1:55.31 1:56.13
25.85 29.10 30.09 31.09
8 Bish, Blair FR ARIZ-AZ 2:00.52 1:56.23
25.37 29.17 30.63 31.06

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