2013-2014 NCAA Championship Time Qualifying Standards

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After a meet of firsts and unbelievable swims at this year’s 2013 NCAA Championships, swimmers must be getting eager to see what times they’ll need in order to qualify for this meet. With a few time changes for qualification this year (some times even went up, for example: men’s 50 freestyle +.02) we’re ensured to see some fast swimming.

Can anything beat this year’s competition? Will we possibly be seeing a sub-40 100 freestyle? How many other records will be crushed?


Women’s Qualifying Times

Event:                                            Women A:                        Women B:
50 freestyle                               21.99                                       22.99
100 freestyle                             47.96                                      49.99
200 freestyle                            1:43.91                                   1:47.99
500 freestyle                            4:37.01                                   4:47.79
1,650 freestyle                         15:58.41                                 16:30.59
100 Butterfly                            51.90                                        54.49
200 Butterfly                           1:54.54                                    1:59.59
100 Backstroke                       51.97                                        55.09
200 Backstroke                      1:52.71                                    1:59.19
100 Breaststroke                   59.19                                         1:02.49
200 Breaststroke                   2:08.29                                    2:15.99
200 IM                                         1:55.72                                    2:01.59
400 IM                                          4:05.44                                    4:19.39
200 free relay                          1:29.65                                     1:30.43
400 free relay                          3:16.84                                     3:18.99
800 free relay                          7:07.31                                   7:12.21
200 medley relay                 1:38.01                                    1:38.81
400 medley relay                  3:34.65                                   3:36.46


Men’s Qualifying Times

Event:                                            Men A:                                     Men B:
50 freestyle                               19.32                                       20.19
100 freestyle                             42.54                                      44.29
200 freestyle                            1:33.58                                  1:37.99
500 freestyle                            4:15.29                                   4:24.99
1,650 freestyle                         14:47.19                                15:30.39
100 Butterfly                            45.93                                       48.29
200 Butterfly                           1:43.05                                   1:47.99
100 Backstroke                       45.87                                       48.49
200 Backstroke                      1:41.41                                    1:46.39
100 Breaststroke                   52.54                                       55.39
200 Breaststroke                   1:54.10                                   1:59.79
200 IM                                         1:43.38                                   1:49.09
400 IM                                          3:43.48                                   3:54.49
200 free relay                          1:18.16                                     1:18.83
400 free relay                          2:53.48                                    2:55.14
800 free relay                          6:24.19                                    6:28.05
200 medley relay                 1:26.08                                    1:27.14
400 medley relay                  3:10.26                                   3:12.00


  1. Ian says:

    Kelsey, what’s up with all the A’s?

  2. James says:

    Wow…I would have been lucky to hit the women’s B standard – shaved and tapered. Its just incredible what it takes to make this meet from a standards point of view.

  3. Martin says:

    Obviously these are Division 1 qualifying times, since the D2 and D3 times are already out, but it would be nice if you specified. Seems like the other two divisions don’t get as much credit as Division 1 for these types of things.

  4. coacherik says:

    Don’t necessarily agree with time standards ever getting slower, but these cuts continue to amaze me.

    Martin, credit? For what? Publication is one thing, but you can’t “credit” d2 or d3 for standards when these are the fastest cuts in the nation for any meet (maybe even the world?). That isn’t a knock on either of those divisions, this happens to be the gold standard for collegiate swimming.

  5. John says:

    All due credit should be given to all student-athletes (athlete-students?) that pursue athletic achievement along with academic achievement at all levels. That being said, this conversation really doesn’t apply here because DII times came out months ago and DIII won’t come out until August. I’m not really sure where the lack of credit is, as there is clearly a cover picture of a DI swimmer and anyone who follows NCAA swimming would know that these are DI times.

    • D3 Swimmer says:

      I too was under the impression that D3 cuts didn’t come out until August, but then what is this?
      And, can anyone offer any insight into the dramatic drops in the A cuts making them essentially unachievable in the regular season?

      • John says:

        Yes, it seems they’ve come out early this year. The NCAA changed the way the A cuts are calculated. They are now the average time of the last 3 NCAA Champs winning times. After the fiasco that was the men’s fly last year and the women’s back a few years ago, this is probably a good idea. Getting rid of the relay A cuts and making the individual A’s virtually unattainable during the course of the season will ensure that there will be a more balanced number of selected swimmers in each event (instead of, say, 22 100 Flyers and 12 50 Freestylers).

        • D3 Swimmer says:

          Thank you. Does this potentially move D3 in the direction of D1 with an ability to have more individual event swimmers? In most events this past year, the line was drawn at 13 swimmers, while it had been at 18 the year before. Understandably, the D1 meet is bigger, but they had over 30 swimmers selected per event. Is it possible that the lack of relay A cuts could make the events more even across the board and not do so much to favor those swimmers who come from deep programs with national level relay capabilities?

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