12-Year-Old Wang Jiayin Clocks 2:10.79 200 Back

2019 Chinese Youth Games

  • August 10th – August 17th
  • LCM
  • Results

The 2019 Chinese Youth Games took place last week, with competitors across the age categories of 11-16 and 17-19 taking to the pool in their home nation.

As with many domestic Chinese meets, the results are not readily available. As such, we’ve pieced together notable performances from over the course of the 8-day affair.

  • 12-year-old Wang Jiayin took her age category’s 200m backstroke victory in a time of 2:10.79. That time would make her the fastest American female ever in the 11-12 category by 5 seconds.
  • 15-year-old Wan Letian won the women’s 50m back in a time of 27.96.
  • Sun Jiajun, the man who took the 100m breaststroke Youth Olympic Games gold in Buenos Aires last year, notched his first-ever sub-minute result at these games. Sun clocked 59.92 to take the 100m breast gold here.
  • Yang Yifan swept the women’s backstroke events in the 17-19 age range, reaping times of 28.84 in the 50m, 1:01.32 in the 100m and 2:10.25 in the 200m.
  • The women’s 100m free saw Yang Junxuan get it done for the 17-19-year-olds in 54.22.
  • Zhang Yifan won the women’s 200m fly in 2:08.30.

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I really, really, really, don’t want to downplay this as that time is mindblowing for a 12 year old, but haven’t we seen alot of insane times from super young chinese swimmers (maybe not as young as 12) only for them to never really surface on the international stage? I hate the Chinese sports system. I know abuse does occur in other countries youth sports, but for the most part I know most coaches in the U.S put emphasis on not pushing the limits of their young athletes to avoid burning them out. The Chinese system however works by sheer numbers. They select kids at a very young age (before they’re even 10) to have potential in a sport and… Read more »

13 % Chinese person

You may want to have an idea of how this girl swims a 2.10 . She may be tall & very slender , great power to weight ratio or just one of those natural slip thru the water types. , endurnce trained , high turnover , great turns or very flexible shoulders & ankles. Pick any 5/7 of these & you have it . No it doesn’t mean she will improve but she will get something tangible like a room upgrade , more tutoring , a train ticket for the family to visit , her own chopsticks , a new monogrammed parka. You may be pleasantly surprised , she might be a intelligent happy kid , enjoying her life not… Read more »


I wasn’t questioning her character, and if you really are Chinese and not some troll you may want to ponder upon the system you live in where being a one in an eon talent like this it what it takes to get those things. Not to say the U.S is even close to perfect but uh…

The Educator

I don’t know nearly enough about chinese swimming, to say if you are or wrong about your statements.
But I do wonder how much you actually know yourself about the chinese system, and how much is just hot air, rumours and prejudices? Could you perhaps enlighten us as to where you get your information?


https://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/21/sports/olympics/21athlete.html Just one source here but there are many around the internet. I will admit alot of this information comes from 2008 when China was holding the Olympics, and for a country advancing a rapidly as China is so much could be different now. But while I’m sure there’s been improvements the system was engrained in their sports culture and seeing as it was very close to what other communist countries did to curate their athletes, I doubt to much as changed. Also china has thousands of these special schools, it is a fact that the abusive training has left to many behind in the dirt, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t coaches who can do an even… Read more »

13 % Chinese person

Why not just be happy for her ? It used to be peasant or kids from poorer families & regions who take up this training .. its a foot up in the world & they do get tutors & improved life chances . Maybe not so much now that 200 million have been lifted out of povvo & they don’t need it . The talent isn’t coming thru so regularly so her rewards will be much better . A bit more & her family may get a house .& land . Also no one is comparing the US . You own your society & let everyone else alone . Thanks .


Your micro aggressions- chopsticks and flat face arent the least bit funny.


There was a group of Chinese swimmers competing and training in Socal last summer, I dont think its nearly as bad as you think. I did observe them looking for the negative side but I didnt really see that maybe just that they are more business like at the meets then the American kids.


My response to the educator addresses this.

Basically I was making generalizations about thousands of schools and I am sure good coaches and schools exist. Also my information was outdated to 2008 and more recent info shows that the schools still exist but the rise of China’s middle class has forced many to reform or close. However I theorize the problem will exist much longer as it appeared to me that this system prayed upon the poor which is still the vast majority of China.


Without going into an uber-long explanation, I’ll summarize my response to your statement like this: I can appreciate your statement being from someone being outside looking in, but you really have to understand Chinese culture, particularly in sports (I do). Parents of those swimmers that get chosen to move to the provincial and National teams don’t look at it as punishment-they just won the lottery. If successful, their child’s life changes dramatically (for the better). It opens doors that they would have never had being a non-athlete. As most of the parents in China struggled in life, they don’t want that for their children. So will they take a chance of physical or mental burnout at a younger age? Absolutely.… Read more »


And if this lucky lottery winner dies unexpectedly then who cares. Cremate her in 24 hours without any questions and move on.

Pushing Kids

We have some teams that push kids just as hard in the USA.


I guess you don’t know that in a typical Chinese city with 1.5 million people, there is only 1-2 swimming pool which are usually occupied by adults; there are probably 2-3 soccer fields. How would you run a meaningful recreation program in such an environment???


Most of junior swimmers are trained in bigger cities and they are poor anymore…but they do train a lot.

The Man Himself

I read the headline thinking it was a guy and thought “oh that’s not a bad time, maybe not headline worthy but still good”. Then I read “her” and my jaw dropped.

Mr Piano

Nah dawg, 2:10 for 12 year old guy is fast af. It’s just over the NAG

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