Olivier Leroy

The 11 Mental Stages Swimmers Go Through During a Tough Workout

Confidant, confused, terrified. Swimmers go through a gamut of emotions when coach scrawls up a tough set on the board. Here are 11 mental stages swimmers go through during a tough workout.

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10 Ways You Know You’re a Swim Mom

#4 – You save “vacation days” at work to use for travel to out-of-town meets.


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10 Gifts Swimmers Actually Want for the Holidays

#8 – A coupon redeemable for five uninterrupted naps.

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True or False – Swimmers Don’t Do Land Sports

When swimmers take to the field, court or track it can be difficult for their bodies to adjust to activities such as running, but is it really because of swimming?

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Facing Reality – Why It Shouldn’t Lessen Our Goals

SHOUT FROM THE STANDS: “Here’s the truth everyone. Not all of us are going to grow up to swim in the Olympics.”

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Two Tips for Parents about Swim Meets – Swim Mom Wisdom

“A coach once told me that his favorite swim parents are the ones who jump in and help–wherever they are needed–and don’t expect anything in return. Keep that in mind, especially at swim meets.”

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How to Swim Faster By Being a Rock Star Teammate

Swimming may be an individual sport, but we train as a team. Here are a few ways to foster an environment where everyone succeeds.

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Swimming Community Rallies Around Former Cal Swimmer

Matt Benoit was diagnosed with cancer earlier this fall. His current and former teammates have rallied around Matt’s fight and now we need the rest of the swimming community to do the same.

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Texas Gulf Coast Swim Mom Needs Blood Donations

A swim mom hospitalized in Houston, Texas with a rare, life-threatening disease needs blood donations.

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7 Decades of Dolfin Swimwear – Photo Vault History

In celebration of Dolfin’s 75th anniversary the industry-leading brand launches a new logo and tagline. See Dolfin’s start in the 1940s, and how they have succeeded over the last seven decades.

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For the Love of Swimming

Former DI swimmers live the entrepreneurial dream in the sport they love.

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9 Reasons To Schedule A Screening of Touch the Wall For Your Swim Club

#3 – It’s a team event that doesn’t involve swimming. You just relax and enjoy the show…with popcorn.

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11 Things Swimmers Love

#1 – That very rare occasion when you realize that your coach has NOT turned up for morning training.

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12 Things Swimmers Hate

#6 – When people complain about waking up early…

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