How to Have a Better Attitude at the Pool

The attitude we choose to have usually ends up dictating how perform in the pool. Here are some ways to develop an awesome attitude at practice.

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SwimSwam Magazine Giveaway

If you want to give the gift of SwimSwam Magazine to your swimming friends this holiday season, you need to subscribe now. Shipping takes one to three weeks.


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How Badly Do You Want It?

It will always be easier to not do the hard stuff required for success in the pool. Here is how to drown out that voice in order to get the things done necessary to succeed.


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SwimMom Musings: Counting Your Blessings

Swimmers are fortunate to enjoy many blessings that sometime elude us mere mortals. In honor of Thanksgiving Day, here are just a few.

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“Thank you, Swimming” – A Collection of Appreciation For Our Sport

Swimming is so much more than something we “do”; it’s something we “are”. Thank you, swimming!

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4 Michael Phelps Moments Worth Noting at Golden Goggles

Michael Phelps’ fiancee Nicole Johnson reveals a perfect baby bump in her elegantly fitted navy dress at the 2016 Golden Goggles reports E! Entertainment News.

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How to Master Swimming Starts With The Slingshot – Video

With the introduction of the back footplate on the swim starting blocks in 2008, the dynamics of the technique of starting changed.

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Can You Swim Faster By Caring Less?

Can we try too hard to achieve our goals in the pool? Is there a point where our passion for our swimming becomes counter-productive?

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5 Things Swimmers Can Be Thankful For

I think we all know that there is a lot more to swimming than the day-in-day-out of practices with the occasional best time. Here are five things swimmers in particular can be thankful for:

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15 Reasons to be Thankful for Swimming

#4 is the Swimmer Appetite, #5 is College Swimming and #11 is Nathan Adrian! We stopped at 15, but we could’ve gone on forever. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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15 Swimmer Stereotypes We Love and Hate

15 Swimmer Stereotypes we love and hate. Which one are you?

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11 Tips for Swim Parents on What Our Kids Need to Know Before College

Independence is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Let’s get them prepared for their next great adventure. Here’s my list of the “top things kids need to know before going to college.”

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“Inside Florent Manaudou” – A Day in the Life of an Olympic Champion

Follow Florent Manaudou as he takes us on a tour of CN Marseille, the club on the Mediterranean Sea where he trains along with other members of the French men’s national team.

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Yoga for Swimmers: 3 Poses to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Knee injuries are a common ailment that swimmers, especially breaststroke specialists, suffer from…

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Phelps On Future Son, “He Will Be Water Safe”

MP, Jr. will most likely be making the trek to Rio.

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Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #3 Horejsi Shatters Nat’l Record

#10 Athletes gathering for rehearsal ahead of tonight's #GoldenGoggles — USA Swimming (@USASwimming) November 22, 2015 The Golden Goggles…

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Fun and Fast Swimming for Masters at Sprinting Turkey Classic

No turkeys at the Sprinting Turkey Classic swim meet hosted by Nashville Aquatic Club’s Masters swim team—just a lot of fun and fast swimming.

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Kelsi Worrell’s SnapChat Takeover: Behind The Scenes At Golden Goggles

Follow @SwimSwamNews on snapchat to experience the Golden Goggles from the eyes of a USA National Team member and US Olympic hopeful Kelsi Worrell.

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