6 Hard Truths of Swimming Success

Success in the pool isn’t always as smooth and painless as we’d like it to be. Here are 6 hard truths of swimming success to take into next season.


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9 Steps to Teaching Swim Lessons

Teaching a young child to swim can be challenging. Here are my nine steps to teaching swim lessons.

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5 Ways Swimmers Hold Themselves Back in the Pool

All too often we catch ourselves being our own worst enemy. Here are 5 ways that we hold ourselves back in our swimming.


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Swim Mom Musings: A Season is a Lifetime

It is dark outside. Many kids are enjoying their last week of sleeping in. But for the swimmer, today is a new beginning. It is a new season. The sun has not risen and the pool glistens with possibilities.

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LA 2024 Organizers Unveil Details of Profit-Focused Olympic Budget

The LA 2024 committee recently released their proposed budget for the 2024 Olympic bid. The Committee claims that the budget is both realistic and achievable. They are anticipating that 61% of their revenue will be from sponsorships, followed by an additional 24% coming from ticketing revenue.

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The Rattler Swim Club Summer Training Video

Southern California’s Rattler Swim Club’s Summer Training Video

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LA 2024 Reveals ‘Games Concept’

The organizers behind the city of Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympic Games has provided information on what is…

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LA2024: Leadership of the Los Angeles Olympic Bid

The Los Angeles 2024 Summer Olympic bid, which was announced earlier this week, is being co-lead by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Casey Wasserman, CEO of Wasserman Media Group (WMG).

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A 4-Time Olympian’s Thoughts on How to Prepare Kids for College

“I had the pleasure of talking with Jill Sterkel, four-time Olympian, gold medalist and former head coach of University of Texas women’s swim team… As a coach, she had lots of experience with incoming freshman, plus she’s a parent.”

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Shouts From The Stands: Boosting Digital Footprint Can Give Recruits the Winning Edge

This advice stands contrary to what high school seniors may have been told, but it’s important that they don’t hide themselves online during the college admissions process.

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Why The Power of the Surge Matters in Swimming

What most coaches don’t realize is that each stroke has an underwater phase…or at least it should.

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Go In-depth with Swim Coach Dan Bullock

Dan has been coaching since 1990. He is a swimmer, former triathlete and now open water swimmer and coach. He has helped thousands get fit for adventures from their first novice Triathlon to swimming the English Channel.

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Ever Considered Owning Your Own Swim Business?

Do you love swimming? Are you a coach or former swimmer with a lot experience in the sport? Have you ever considered owning your own swim businesses?

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What Does your Training Swimsuit say about you?

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Just when we thought the swimming pool was a safe haven for not caring about what you look like… SWIM Practice FASHION is a ‘thing’ these days.

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Swim Across America Announces the Crazy Big Swim

The Crazy Big Swim is the world’s largest virtual swim meet to break a Guinness World Record and raise money to fight childhood cancer.

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Shout from the Stands: What we learn from Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps can teach us so much about swimming, sports in general, and reaching your fullest potential. He shows us that you don’t have to be perfect to be the best.

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New Teen Novel Stars a Swimmer

What would it take to keep you out of the water? In A Matter of Heart, a new novel from Random House for teens 12 and up, that’s the question that faces 16-year-old Abby Lipman.

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