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How to Use Self-Talk for Better Swim Practices

Olivier Poirier-Leroy is a former national level swimmer based out of Victoria, BC. In feeding his passion for swimming, he…

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A Simple Trick to Stop You From Freaking Out Behind the Blocks

Here is one of my favorite tricks for keeping calm behind the blocks, while also helping you swim with more control and speed. Whammy!

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Freestyle Kicking Power Requires Plantar Flexibility

Having great plantar flexibility of the ankle is a prerequisite for developing a stronger, faster flutter kick.

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World Cup money lists: Dekker cracks $100,000, Hosszu nearing a quarter-million

Katinka Hosszu still leads all athletes and is approaching a quarter of a million dollars in total World Cup earnings, while Inge Dekker became the third swimmer this year to earn a six-figure prize total.

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Ever Considered Owning Your Own Swim Business?

Do you love swimming? Are you a coach or former swimmer with a lot experience in the sport? Have you ever considered owning your own swim businesses?

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3 Ways to Stay Healthy in Flu Season

Fall is an important time of year for swimmers as they lay down an aerobic base to build upon for the season ahead. In the midst of competitions and heavy training, athletes need to maximize their health so they can maintain consistency and perform their best.

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2014 National Select Camp Photo Vault

Many thanks to the National Select Camp attendees for sending these swimming photos, and to Kristy Kowal, former World Record Holder and Olympic medalist!

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Wolfpack GoPro battle against Georgia Tech and Florida State – Video

Take a look behind the scenes as the NC State Wolfpack prepared, traveled, trained and competed in Atlanta, Ga on October 24-25th 2014!

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VIDEO: New Jersey swimmers appear on Good Morning America’s Taylor Swift shake-off

Ocean County YMCA swimmers Anna Francisco, Marissa Wagner, Emma Capro and Molly Griswold appeared on a Good Morning America compilation for their “Shake It Off” tribute video.

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15 Ways Swimmers Do It Better

With the days getting a little bit shorter, nights getting longer, and the season fully underway, here are 15 reminders why our sport kicks a metric ton of butt.

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Ryan Lochte tips $400 at College Restaurant over the Penn State Game Weekend

Last Friday Ryan Lochte finished his morning workout early and headed to Penn State to see the football game.

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20 Habits of Elite Swimmers

Elite swimmers like Ryan Lochte recognize the value and results that comes with hard work. Here are 19 other habits of top-level swimmers.

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Sunday Morning Swimming Photo Vault – Oct 26th 2014

Many thanks to Rafael Domekyo – – for providing these great swimming photos.

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Free Diving: Not Your Everyday Breath Control Set

Note: The sport of freediving comes with inherent risks, and should not be attempted by anyone who is not formally…

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Two Top Tips for Age Group Swimmers and Parents

As an overly-involved swim mom for close to 15 years, I learned many lessons from our age-group years. Here are my top two tips to pass along to swimmers and parents…

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