4 Things to Do to Get Your Mind Right Pre-Race

Mental noise, internal and external pressure, and the environment can greatly determine any race’s success.

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Before Michael Phelps Was Famous – Feature Video

If you are Michael Phelps fan, you will appreciate seeing Mr. Swimming at the beginning, when his star was rising rapidly.

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Hold Your Tempo, Your Pace – Swim To Music

We’ve treated you with a teaser, wowed you by the full-length version and now we get a brand new view of the journey.

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Zombies to Swim English Channel in 2015

The Zombie Patrol swim team is a group students with special challenges who attend the Arch Academy in San Diego….

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In part 6, the Viking forays into training styles and tackles the ever-popular and ever-contentious Ultra-Short Race Pace Training, or USRPT.

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10 Swim Coaches Share Their Wisdom on Mental Toughness

From NCAA Division I coaches to age group coaches guiding 8 and unders, here are their 10 thoughts on mental toughness.

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On the Outside Looking In: Race in Swimming

This opinion piece is courtesy of Franco Pacheco. There is a moment when an athlete or coach walks onto a…

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5 Signs You are a Sprinter

#1 – You’re horrible at IM, but you wish the 100 IM was an event in NCAA swimming.

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7 Ways to be a Better Teammate

It’s the season for championship meets, and the goal of any program is to finish on top. One of the easiest ways to do this is to compete as a cohesive team, with everyone participating as the best teammate they can be.

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Olympian Missy Franklin honored as the United States Junior Chamber’s Ten Outstanding Young Americans

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin has been has been selected as a recipient of the United States Junior Chamber’s Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award (TOYA), the organization announced Monday.

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Yik Yak Reveals the Ugly Side of Swimming – Shout From the Stands

In what has been an amazing conference championship’s season, an elephant has been sneaking onto the deck.

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The Pros, Cons and Misconceptions of Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT)

Eric McGinnis: “Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT) is one of the most widely debated topics in swimming at the moment. It’s also one of the worst names ever created for a training program.”

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Erika Braun’s 8 Steps to the Olympic Trials as an Over 40 Year-Old

Erika Braun swam at the 2012 Olympic Trials as one of very small group of over 40s. Now the masters swimming world champion and record holder is putting her life on hold in pursuit of qualification for the 2016 US Olympic Trials, where she will be 44.

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THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 5: Muscle Fiber Types, Recruitment and Specificity

This week, the Viking tackles the different types of fast-twitch muscle fibers and more.

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The Magic of Swimming

Tim Elson: “I’m here to tell you that anyone can experience the magic effects of swimming…”

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Swim Parent Tip: Seeing the Big Picture and Trusting the Coach

Swim parents sometimes wonder: “Why is my swimmer in all these hard events?” or “It’s the beginning of the season. My swimmer isn’t going to do well.”

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