10 Career Lessons You Learn from Competitive Swimming

#4 – You’ve learned how to win—and lose—with grace.


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Open Water

Swimming in the ocean; managing rip currents and other hazards

Swimming in the ocean is a blast. In addition to the freedom of swimming without boundaries, and the beauty of…

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Tom Shields’ 3 Favorite Exercises

Tom Shields had a breakout swim last summer at U.S. Nationals, winning the 100m and 200m butterfly events.


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My Favorite Skill

Who in Swimming has influenced your life? Athlete Manager & Entrepreneur Emily White Chronicles her answer below.

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Following the Feet: Opening Day at the Daleview Swim Club

Following the Feet is an 8-week summer series on SwimSwam. Written by Stina Oakes, the series follows the eight weeks of summer club season at Silver Spring, Maryland’s Daleview Swim Club, whose team mascot is the “Feet.”

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6 Things to Think About Next Time You Stumble with Your Swimming

6 things to think about the next time that your swimming is going not so, well, swimmingly.

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Shouts From the Stands: Changing Lanes

Matt Pariselli explores the tough transition to life beyond swimming

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How Roland Schoeman works Dolphin Kick with a Kickboard and Snorkel

Roland Schoeman shows us how kicking with an alignment board and dmc snap snorkel can both allow the undulation the body needs in the fifth stroke while remaining as streamlined on the surface as possible.

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More Lifestyle

National Shallow Water Blackout Prevention Day is officially May 31st

This announcement is courtesy of VASA, a SwimSwam partner.  This letter to the swimming community is from  Rhonda Milner, M.D., Founder…

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Are You a Supportive or Overly-Involved Swim Parent?

Where do we cross the line from being supportive, to being “overly involved?” Look around at a swim meet and see if you can spot “those” parents. Then, take a look in the mirror and check to see what kind of swim parent you are.

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On the Wings of Determination and Hope: Lily’s Story

Although Lily can only walk with the aid of crutches, this limitation has not stopped her from flying through life on the wings of determination and hope, with her fiercely supportive family and friends by her side.

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Olympian Dara Torres Invites New Swimmers and Families to Jump In with SwimToday

While youth sports participation by children ages 6-12 has dropped 4.5 percent since 2008[i], swimming membership in year-round teams increased…

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6 Toxic Thoughts Every Swimmer Should Drop

Maximizing your potential in the pool is hard enough without having to deal with self-inflicted negativity. Here are 6 toxic thoughts every swimmer should drop.

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3 Ways to do a Shoulder Safe Swimming Workout

Practicing proper technique is arguably the #1 measure you can take to prevent or recover from an overuse injury. To avoid technique that can aggravate an injury, warm-up with 3-5 drills before every workout.

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Swimming Heroes We Remember: Tedford H. Cann, The Man Who Beat the Duke

On this day of remembrance, we remember one of our own who is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery.

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2015 World Championship Teaser Video with Lochte, Adrian, Morozov and Manaudou

Why is Michael Phelps in this Russian teaser video for the 2015 FINA World Championships?

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Anthony Ervin’s 3 Favorite Exercises

Thanks to our Pan Pacs partner, BridgeAthletic, today we featured Anthony Ervin’s 3 Favorite Exercises. This summer at US Nationals, Ervin battled a lightning fast final to win the title in the 50m freestyle.

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