Xinhua Releases Video Footage Alleged to Show Parts of 2018 Sun Yang Incident

Xinhua News, a Chinese state-run publication, has released video footage alleged to show moments inside Sun Yang’s house the night of his infamous run-in with IDTM agents.

According to Xinhua, the video shows the testing team arriving and making phone calls when Sun objected to their credentials. It also shows them signing a written agreement on the details of what happened. The FINA doping report said that Sun began to sign-off on what seems like a similar statement before tearing it up once he realized the statement could lead to the incident counting as a missed test. The footage also shows Sun explaining why the male DCA’s credentials were allegedly insufficient to supervise him giving a urine sample.

Xinhua also reported after Sun’s CAS hearing that the DCA was an untrained construction worker. No further information has been released about the identities of the three involved doping control representatives.

Following an 11-hour public CAS hearing, Sun’s fate hinges on whether or not the IDTM personnel were properly credentialed and identified, or not. Sun noted in his closing remarks that he had video footage of the night that would be released in the public, and in his opinion, clear his name.

Another interesting analysis of the case has emerged via Jack Anderson, a Court of Arbitration for Sport arbitrator who is not directly involved in the Sun case. Read Anderson’s thorough blow-by-blow reaction to the hearing here.

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Background music is soothing. Exonerated off of that video?…not sure


I’m assuming that this is not the full footage. If it is it certainly is not sufficient as when Sun was speaking you couldn’t see his face so how do we know it was him and also how do we know when the video was taken as it could have been taken after the tests to be used as evidence to defend himself.


Nevermind, I did see his face.


Edited by communists


Yup. State actors. Sun look alike.


The footage is probably legit. It’s just doctored a lot and doesn’t really show anything damning to either side in this state.


Deep fake

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