Watch: Schooling Defeats Phelps-le Clos-Cseh Silver Tie Trio 100 Fly


Recap courtesy Mitch Bowmile. 

To watch the 2016 Olympic men’s 100 fly, click the links below:

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In probably the most fitting send-off in this event for the greatest Olympic champion he tied with his two rivals, Chad le Clos and Laszlo Cseh. He didn’t tie with them for the gold medal however, he had to settle for silver.

The last time Phelps lost this race internationally was at the 2005 world Championships in Montreal 11-years-ago where he got beat by American teammate Ian Crocker. The time that Crocker beat Phelps in: 50.40.

The 50.40 textile best from Crocker is the one record that has eluded him his entire career, and finally, in his last race ever, it went down. The only thing not picturesque about the loss is the fact that it went down at the hands of Joseph Schooling who defeated Phelps for gold with a 50.39.

Not only was the textile record finally broken, but a new age of the 100m butterfly has been ushered in on the hands of Schooling.

In the most fitting sendoff for the greatest Olympian of all time in the individual event, everything fit the storyline almost too perfectly.

1. Joseph Schooling – Singapore – 50.39

2. Michael Phelps – USA – 51.14 TIE
2. Chad Le Clos – South Africa – 51.14 TIE
2. Laszlo Cseh – Hungary – 51.14 TIE
5. Li Zhuhao – China – 51.26
6. Mehdy Metella – France – 51.58
7. Tom Shields – USA – 51.73
8. Aleksandr Sadovnikov – 51.84


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6 years ago

Does anyone think, like I do, that Schooling sat out most events so he could win the 100? He knew it was last event and that Cseh, Phelps and Le Clos were swimming full meets. After all, Schooling did win the 200 NCAA Fly and could have swum that, but chose not to. I’d love to see a tired Schooling or a rested Phelps swim that race again.

6 years ago

sucks to be #1 in the world yet not sure to make his college relay

6 years ago

They all got Schooled.

6 years ago

Does anyone else think this race is almost a replica of Phelps vs crocker in 2005?

Eddie Reese vs Phelps
50.4 vs 50.39
Phelps was barely gaining any ground

Reply to  Rishabh
6 years ago

Yeah that’s exactly what I thought right after the race. Honestly Phelps fly didn’t look that great through the whole meet. He didn’t go as fast as he went last year in both the 100 and 200 fly and his fly leg in the relay also wasnt that great.

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