Watch Adam Peaty’s Stunning 57.10 WR* From Euros


As originally reported:

The records keep on rolling in Glasgow, as British breaststroking ace Adam Peaty demolished a new world record in the 100m distance tonight.

After already notching a championship record in yesterday’s prelim, clocking 57.89, Peaty continued to lead the pack in last night’s semi-finals with a slightly slower 58.04. Tonight, however, the 23-year-old Olympic gold medalist produced an eye-popping mark of 57.10** to once again establish the fastest 100m breaststroke time in history. (originally reported as 57.00)

**NOTE – on day 3 of the European Championships, LEN announced that there was a timing issue that affected the following races:

Women’s 800m freestyle, Men’s 100m breaststroke, Women’s 100m butterfly, Men’s 100m freestyle semi-finals, Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals, Men’s 200m butterfly semi-finals

Launching off the blocks with a .47 reaction time, for once, the fastest of the field, Peaty opened in an impressive 26.65 and closed in 30.35 to produce the 57.00** time, a mark just .01 shy of his own personal goal of ‘Project 56’.

His time tonight rips .13 off of his previous World Record of 57.13 set en route to the top of the podium in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games. Peaty now owns the 14 fastest performances ever in this 100m breaststroke race. We’ll see what he is able to do in the 50m breast on August 7th.

Teammate James Wilby also scored a new personal best in the race, stopping the clock at 58.64** to mark his first time ever under the 59-second threshold. He now sits behind Peaty as the 2nd fastest swimmer in the world this season.

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bobo gigi
3 years ago

Crazy. And unexpected, at least for me.

Right Dude Here
3 years ago

That’s fast

3 years ago

He swam a perfect race – 57.00. He looked strong and powerful from start to finish.

No one else has even broke 58. Peaty’s the Sprint King of the Breaststroke.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  marklewis
3 years ago

He’s more dominant in a single event than anyone not named Ledecky.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Or Dressel (yards)

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Sjostrom 50 fly

Ke ki
Reply to  Maelstrom
2 years ago

50 fly is an event for 12 and unders in summer league

Dan D.
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Percentage wise, he’s more dominant than Ledecky

Reply to  marklewis
3 years ago

I actually think he can work on his pull a little more. He seems to scull rather than catch. A little tweaking could put him in the 56 low zone. Crazy.

Reply to  Snarky
3 years ago

@snarky but maybe that’s exactly why he’s so fast? A bigger catch takes longer to recover and has more drag. Who knows, really?

3 years ago

Anyone notice the double beep in the video? I presumed it was just the stream but Peaty had a reaction time of .47?? Didnt morozov get DQ’d for a reaction time of .47 back in 2015?

Reply to  FFP
3 years ago

You can’t get DQ’ed for a positive reaction time. If he false started, then he flinched on the block or went before the beep. But the feet will still be in contact with the block to give a positive reaction time.

Reply to  FFP
3 years ago

There’s a problem with the sound on the stream. You can hear the starter say “take your marks” twice and the start signal twice

3 years ago

I still want to hear an annoyed 15 year old lifeguard say “Off the lane line!”

Tea rex
Reply to  Lpman
3 years ago

I say when you win 8 Olympic gold medals, you are allowed to try pot. When you win a MAJOR meet, you are allowed to sit on the lane lines.

Swimmer A
Reply to  Tea rex
3 years ago

I say when you get 7th place a in a D3 dual meet, you are also allowed to try pot.

3 years ago

Peaty is an another level in the 100 breast.

Old 80s Swimmer
3 years ago

Unless there is an innovation in stroke or rules, the performance limit for the 100 breast is getting closer…

Reply to  Old 80s Swimmer
3 years ago

if peaty has done anything it is to prove that something like that just doesnt exist.
it never has and never will. no way you would have said the limit is below 57.5 in 2012 and now here we are

beverly drangus
Reply to  anonymoose
3 years ago

well it can’t go to zero, so there must be a limit between 57.00 and 0.01. I agree that there’s probably a ways to go though.

3 years ago

Jesus Christ its Jason Bourne

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