Peaty’s WR Readjusted to 57.10 After LEN Admits Timing System Error

The Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN), Europe’s governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to FINA, has issued a statement concerning the discovery of an error in the configuration of the timing system at the 2018 European Swimming Championships in Glasgow on Saturday, 4 August 2018. LEN’s Technical Swimming Committee conducted an investigation and found that “the starting mechanism had been incorrectly configured prior to the start of the session which resulted in all reported times being 0.10s faster due to a configuration delay of 0.10s.”

LEN insists that only 9 heats were affected, and that the prior three sessions, as well as the events in the fourth session that took place after the error was discovered, were not affected. As a result, the LEN TSC has gone back and readjusted all the times swum in the following events on Saturday:

  • Women’s 800m freestyle
  • Men’s 100m breaststroke
  • Women’s 100m butterfly
  • Men’s 100m freestyle semi-finals
  • Women’s 100m breaststroke semi-finals
  • Men’s 200m butterfly semi-finals

Great Britain’s Adam Peaty’s winning time in the 100 breast, originally reported as a new World Record of 57.00, has been adjusted to 57.10. Peaty still clears the World Record; the previous mark of 57.13 belonged to him from the 2016 Olympic Games. He owns the 14 fastest times in history in the event.

To be clear, according to LEN, the races that were not affected are as follows:

  • All sessions on 3 August, morning
  • All sessions on 3 August, evening
  • All sessions of 4 August, morning
  • Men’s 50m backstroke race on 4 August, evening
  • Women’s 50m freestyle on 4 August, evening
  • Mixed 4x200m freestyle relay on 4 August, evening

LEN has announced they will respond to questions relating to the timing error after finals tonight. “LEN Officials will be happy to answer questions from 19.15 hrs today (after the conclusion of today’s session) in the Jury Room at the Tollcross Swimming Centre.”

You can read the official statement here.

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WV Swimmer
2 years ago

That’s a joke

Mark Saus
Reply to  WV Swimmer
2 years ago

Its not a scale, its a timing system which clears to zero after every race. Peaty swam 57.0 and thats a fact.

Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger
Reply to  Mark Saus
2 years ago

Not sure what a scale has to do with anything. I’m this case, the timing system “cleared” to zero… It just didn’t start recording until .1 seconds after the official start of the race.

2 years ago




Im going to catch tomorrow now
Reply to  Daaaave
2 years ago

same thing cost cavic gold in 08

Reply to  Im going to catch tomorrow now
2 years ago

That’s not true

Reply to  Im going to catch tomorrow now
2 years ago

Is that you, Milorad?

2 years ago

Kind of glad he didn’t break the barrier now… 56.97 getting adjusted to 57.07 would be rough haha

Reply to  Eagleswim
2 years ago

I’m with you with that 😀

Reply to  Yozhik
2 years ago

i am with you on that 👊🏼

2 years ago

You had one job

2 years ago

i guess they hire the same guys at the Liberty Univ pool..

Reply to  NiNa
2 years ago

I am not sure Coach Jake was as intimately involved with the Euro’s Pool as he was here at Liberty. Ironically Coach Jake is at the Euro’s Meet recruiting the next round of Liberty Champions who can understand the use of Power Towers and Recovery

Reply to  powertower
2 years ago

Haha those Euros are gonna be in for quite the culture shock when they arrive on campus

2 years ago

This is ridiculous but could have been worse. Many other times were on the edge of WRs, ERs. Imagine if WRs were taken away because of this…

Reply to  Ytho
2 years ago

One I can think of off the top of my head is Anton Chupkov, up to 59.06 from 58.96 takes away what was initially a new Russian Record (59.05 by Prigoda).

2 years ago

This reminds me of the 2000 Sydney Olympics where they set the height of the vault apparatus too low. Inexcusable error in a world-class competition.

2 years ago

This is absolutely absurd. Had a feeling that something is wrong when there were no slower reactions times than 0.62

Reply to  Swimmer
2 years ago

There is a lot of sub 0.60 rt

Reply to  UNKNOWN
2 years ago

Yesterday, only Peaty(0.57) and Meilutyte (0.59) were sub 0.60 excluding backstroke starts which are different.
When you have 0.47 and no one slower than 0.62, you know that there is something wrong.

Reply to  Swimmer
2 years ago

Indeed…we were on to it here!

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