57.10* 100 Breast World Record For Adam Peaty At Euros



Please note that Peaty’s record was adjusting after-the-fact to 57.10* from the originally-reported 57.00. This was due to a day 2 timing issues, which you can read more about here.

The records keep on rolling in Glasgow, as British breaststroking ace Adam Peaty demolished a new world record in the 100m distance tonight.

After already notching a championship record in yesterday’s prelim, clocking 57.89, Peaty continued to lead the pack in last night’s semi-finals with a slightly slower 58.04. Tonight, however, the 23-year-old Olympic gold medalist produced an eye-popping mark of 57.00 to once again establish the fastest 100m breaststroke time in history.

Launching off the blocks with a .47 reaction time, for once, the fastest of the field, Peaty opened in an impressive 26.65 and closed in 30.35 to produce the 57.00 time, a mark just .01 shy of his own personal goal of ‘Project 56’.

His time tonight rips .13 off of his previous World Record of 57.13 set en route to the top of the podium in Rio at the 2016 Olympic Games. Peaty now owns the 14 fastest performances ever in this 100m breaststroke race. We’ll see what he is able to do in the 50m breast on August 7th.

Teammate James Wilby also scored a new personal best in the race, stopping the clock at 58.54 to mark his first time ever under the 59-second threshold. He now sits behind Peaty as the 2nd fastest swimmer in the world this season.

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4 years ago

To everyone that thinks Dressel can beat Peaty in the men’s 100m breaststroke, I have one word for you —> HAHA

4 years ago

Nobody actually thinks that. Where did you get that idea from? Anything to feel smug I guess.

Love to Swim
Reply to  SVIRD
4 years ago

There are a number Swimswammers who really believe Dressel will break 100 BR and 200 IM WRs

4 years ago

If GBR finds a backstroker, could be a very plausible medley relay threat to the U.S. wow is Peaty impressive.

Reply to  Irish415
4 years ago

Let’s see, peaty will be around 2-2.5 seconds faster than any American breaststroker. But dressel can probably be counted on to throw down a 49.5 split anytime at this point (we will give Guy a 50.5 split for a second gain for the Americans). For simplicity I’ll call free a wash. Given that Murphy will be sub 52 again, I’d say GB needs a sub 53 backstroke to really put the heat on the Americans. They can’t afford to lose much more than a second there.

But yes, having such a dominant breast leg will make them scary.

Michael j. Mooney
4 years ago

Why not 200?

Michael j. Mooney
4 years ago

Why no 200?

4 years ago

A couple of times missing, Koseki supposedly swam 58.78 in Monoco and Chupkov swam 58.96 to finish 3rd today.

4 years ago

It’s not correct to say he was fastest away “for once”. He nearly always has the fastest reaction time. It’s under water where he loses distance. How Mel Marshall and British Swimming haven’t sorted this yet baffles me

ippei watanaBAE
Reply to  Buster
4 years ago

Hes the one who does it legally

Definitely Not Sun Yang
4 years ago

I honestly think all three world records can go down in the men’s breaststroke events at euros. The 50 is definitely within range for Peaty, and Chupkov looks dangerous for the 200

The Boi Swim
Reply to  Definitely Not Sun Yang
4 years ago

Wilby’s primarily a 200 swimmer and just went the #3 time in history 👀

Reply to  The Boi Swim
4 years ago

I put my money on Wilby . Next week , its the Japanese and Prenot who will show something ….

Definitely Not Sun Yang
Reply to  The Boi Swim
4 years ago

Despite winning the 200 at commonwealth games, I’d argue that his 59.12 was much more impressive than his 2:08.05. Hypothetically, if he drops as much time in his 200 as he did in the 100, he would go a 2:07.47. If Chupkov did the same thing, he’d be a 2:06.77. I understand that it’s not that simple, but it would be equally reductive to assume that he’d drop 2 seconds in the 200 because of one amazing 100–we’ll see though

Reply to  Definitely Not Sun Yang
4 years ago

My thinking is that Wilby has always had a good 100 and a better 200, Chupkov has always had an ok 100 and an amazing 200. Both look amazing and are on fire, but personally if I were a betting man I’d placed my money Chupkov in the 200, his back half is quite honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in the breaststroke races.

Reply to  Definitely Not Sun Yang
4 years ago

Wilby went 59.43 at Commonwealths not 59.12; so he dropped pretty much a second in the 100.

What interests me is that Wilby swims very similarly to Chupkov – If I remember correctly I think he split 1.03mid/1.04mid for his 2.08 at Commonwealths. They’re very similar swimmers.

Reply to  Dee
4 years ago

Idk we’ll see but I think Chupkov has got this one

Caleb Crann
4 years ago

.47 reaction time? That’s absolutely insane!

Easy Speed
Reply to  Caleb Crann
4 years ago

It seems that all the reactions times (excl 50s) tonight were about .1 or so faster than yesterdays. Seems strange

Reply to  Easy Speed
4 years ago

Sound like a double beep in the video, could this be the culprit? Regardless, it’s a fantastic swim

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