Utah Coach Greg Winslow Suspended After Police Report Filed in Arizona

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 7

February 28th, 2013 National, News

As the Utah women prepare for the Pac-12 Championships this weekend, their coach Greg Winslow has been suspended after a police report was filed alleging he sexually abused a 15-year old.

In a statement, the Utah Athletic Directors office tells Ceci Christy that Winslow is suspended pending further investigations, as allegations are extremely serious. Richard Marschner, the current diving coach, has been appointed as the interim head coach.

The police report, filed in Maricopa County, Arizona, is not being released until after 11AM Mountain Time, but the District Attorney’s office there says that they will review the report and make a decision on whether to file charges of sexual abuse with a minor later today.

The police report is filed in Maricopa County, where Winslow was formerly a coach at Sun Devil Aquatics. The alleged victim was 15-years old seven or so years ago. when the abuse was claimed to have happened.


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Oh man
7 years ago

I will be so bummed if this is true.

7 years ago

The truth percolates, it’s usually only a matter of when. I hope it’s not true as well.

7 years ago

Innocent until proven guilty, this is the USA.

I do not know coach Winslow, never met him.

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