Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon Challenged to a #SynchOff by USA Synchro

Synchronized Swimming News courtesy of USA Synchro.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kerry WashingtonThe USA Synchro National Office, located in Indianapolis, has responded to a recent interview with Kerry Washington by creating a #SynchOff challenge.

In the interview, held with late night television host Jimmy Fallon, Washington mentioned her love for water and her desire to learn synchronized swimming and perform a synchronized swimming routine with Fallon. The National Office of USA Synchro has contacted Fallons NBC office and have created a video to challenge he and Washington to a #SynchOff.

The challenge video features athletic elements performed in synchro routines, to prove the stigma, of flowery water caps and water ballet, wrong.

USA Synchro hopes to send a representative from the National Team to perform and teach Fallon and Washington a few synchro elements.

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8 years ago

Please check out our challenge by our girls from ages 10-18!! They are challenging Kerry and Jimmy and willing to swim with them!!!!!