Update on Former Fisher's Coach Ken Stopkotte: Criminal Case to Go to Trial in March

As a quick update to the case of Ken Stopkotte, the former high school and club coach in Fisher’s, Indiana who was accused of falisfying swimmers’ times (a non-legal matter that resulted in a two-year band from USA-Swimming and a five-year ban from Indiana swimming); and was then later charged with 8 felony theft counts for allegedly pilfering upwards of $17,000 from the Fishers School District in rental fees.

Shortly after his arrest in Tennessee, Stopkotte was released on $40,000 bond (later reduced to only $5,000) and ordered to remain in-state unless special permission was granted (he has visited Ohio several times since then).

Now we are over a year since his arrest, and the case has still not gone before a jury after several delays were requested and granted. The newest date for the jury trial has been set as March 27th, 2012. Hopefully, we’ll get some resolution to the issue at that time.

One of Stopkotte’s attorneys is Jonathan Little, who has been one of the leading voices against the current leadership of USA Swimming in regards to the sexual abuse scandal and alleged coverup. He is also representing Brooke Taflinger in her suit against USA Swimming (USA Swimming is not a party to the current criminal case).

Little could not comment specifically on the pending legal issue, but in general had this to sayabout the matter:

“I believe in Mr. Stopkotte’s innocence and admire the courage he has demonstrated in blowing the whistle on the culture that exists in USA Swimming, a culture that has harbored pedophiles from 1978 to this day. I urge the membership of swimming to seriously consider their support for a leadership that has knowingly kept a “flagged” list of pedophile coaches instead of banning those coaches. ”

Editor’s Note: Little is referring to Stopkotte’s speaking out against USA Swimming, and specifically Stopkotte’s interview on the 20/20 expose that kicked the snowball down the hill.

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