TYR Sport Debuts Industry’s Most Talked About Product, The TYR Avictor

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January 21st, 2015 Gear, Industry, News, Press Releases

The wait is over.

Matt Grevers sporting the new and colorful TYR Avictor for the finals in the men's 100 free (photo: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography)

Matt Grevers sporting the new and colorful TYR Avictor for the finals in the men’s 100 free (photo: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography)

This past weekend at the Arena Pro Swim Series in Austin, TX, TYR Sport debuted the industry’s most talked about product, the TYR Avictor.

With a revolutionary, bold print and unprecedented combination of advanced features, the Avictor’s presence, both on deck and in the pool, turned serious heads.

Born out of a collaboration between the industry’s top experts and the world’s most elite swimmers, the Avictor showcases state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art advancement at every level. With cutting-­‐edge hydrosphere technology, proprietary speed dry fabrication and super flex bonding, the FINA-­‐approved suit maximizes performance, while giving athletes the ultimate advantage over their competition.

In what promises to be a thrilling glimpse of things to come, 4X Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers brought home an impressive win in the men’s 100m backstroke, earning the Avictor its first championship title. Grevers also placed 2nd in the 200m back, while World Championship Silver Medalist Michael McBroom placed 3rd in the men’s 400m free. Rounding out the weekend in her Avictor, World Championship Gold Medalist Megan Romano swam her way to both a 2nd and 3rd place finish in the women’s 200m and 100m free.

The TYR Avictor will be available for purchase at select dealers and TYR.com February 2015.

Matt Grevers at TYR Headquarters by Mike LewisAbout TYR

Named for TYR, the Norse god of warriors, we are a company started by athletes and powered by athletes. We are dedicated to re-­‐imagining technologies that help athletes obtain peak performance through innovation and design. Like all athletes, we always work with an intense spirit of competition. Everything we do revolves around creating the fastest, most advanced performance products. Always in front.

Swimming News is courtesy of TYR, a SwimSwam partner.

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5 years ago

My go-to suit for championships meets this past year or so has always been the carbon flex and I’ve loved it. But for my upcoming conference meet I was considering trying kut the Avictor. Has anyone tried the Avictor that can give an unbiased opinion?

Reply to  Markster
5 years ago

If you like compression stay with the flex.

(G)olden Bear
5 years ago

That is one ugly suit. We’ll see how many swimmers not sponsored by TYR actually wear it.

Sean S
Reply to  (G)olden Bear
5 years ago

They have an all black version as well.

5 years ago

Previously the Avictor was supposed to be available in January, does anyone know why its supposed to come out in February now?