Two Coaches’ Temporary Bans to End this Summer

The temporary suspensions of USA Swimming coaches Kyler Pawlowski and Solomon Robinson are scheduled to end this summer. Pawlowski was under a 3-year suspension from September 5th, 2014 through September 5th, 2017; Robinson’s suspension runs from August 15th, 2014 through August 15th, 2017.

Both Pawlowski and Robinson were suspended for violating USA Swimming‘s Code of Conduct. In particular, Pawlowski violated sections 304.3.8 of the 2014-2015 Code of Conduct and 304.3.19  of the 2014-Present Code of Conduct and Robinson was found in violation of sections 304.3.14 of the 2012-2013 Code of Conduct and 304.3.19 of the 2014-present Code of Conduct.

Robinson’s ban sparked controversy and protest within the YMCA Alexandria Sea Dragons that he coached at. His 3-year suspension was a result of a failed police background check, which revealed that he had been arrested for grabbing his wife’s wrist during an argument in 2012 in Howard County, Maryland.

Members of the YMCA Alexandria Sea Dragons in Alexandria, Virginia were upset that Robinson was no longer eligible to coach– many had paid to join the club specifically to train with the coach who had qualified swimmers to both the Paralympic and Olympic trials.

In an  an interview Robinson said that he was going to continue teaching and coaching privately away from USA swimming and the YMCA until his ban was up.

We could not find any specific information regarding Pawlowski’s 3 year suspension or where he coached.

SwimSwam was unable to locate contact information for either coach for further comment.

USA Swimming‘s list of individuals who are banned temporarily is a part of USA Swimming‘s Safe Sport initiative to promote transparency within the organization and on its teams nationwide.

To qualify to coach as part of USA Swimming coaches must undergo Athlete Protection Training, Foundations 101 coaching for new coaches and Foundations 201 for second year coaches. In addition, coaches have to hold a certificate in CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches and undergo a police background check.

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3 years ago

3 year suspension for grabbing his wife’s wrist?????????????? Wow… that was wrong, but that has nothing to do with swimming and it doesn’t concern USA swimming really…

3 years ago

He was convicted of a crime of violence. He deserved a time out.

Reply to  Snarky
3 years ago

Oh I guess he should be Prssident because he only grabbed a woman by the wrist. Give it a break. Behave like an adult and you don’t find yourself on the banned list.

Reply to  Snarky
3 years ago

It says arrested, not convicted. Do you know more about this than the article says?

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