The World’s First Custom Fitted Goggles (KICKSTARTER)

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October 06th, 2017 Gear, Industry, News


GOAL – $50,000


RAISED AS OF OCT 3 – $24,526

We, the founders of THEMAGIC5, are all swim enthusiast. We believe all swimmers deserve the best swimming experience. We want to do things differently and challenge the status quo.

To challenge the status quo, we say: One size shall fit only one. We have invented technologies, re-thought the design and production process of our product – all of this to ensure the best swimming experience for you.

By custom fitting the goggle to its owner, we have reinvented the swimming goggle. We are selling goggles that fit perfectly. They are comfortable to wear, prevent water leakage and provide the best swimming experience on the market.

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Our goggles are custom fitted, but that is not all. By focusing on the following 5 key aspects we have reinvented the swimming goggle. 

FITTING – The goggle will fit the exact curvature around your eyes. This way your goggle will fit you and only you. The hardness of the material that touches your face has been tested to ensure that the goggle is comfortable to wear while at the same time providing the necessary stability to keep the goggle in place.

TEMPLES – The temples on both sides of the goggle are designed to stabilize it during swim, start and push-off. The shape of the temple is designed such that it will guide the goggle into its optimal position when you put it on.

NOSEBRIDGE – The nose bridge is built in a tough material designed to stabilize the goggle. The width of the nose bridge is individually determined for you, based on the scan of your facial structures.

GLASS – In order to meet all possible conditions and preferences the lenses come in multiple color options. We advice that you choose mirror coating if you swim outdoors, but they can also be worn indoors as a fashion statement. We guarantee that you will look amazing. All our lenses are treated with the best anti-fog coating on the market.

CURVES – The curved glass provides optimal visibility while helping you to keep a correct head position. The curves form a slight angle in the glass, which makes the goggles very hydrodynamic and it significantly increases your ability to locate competitors and navigate during a race.

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Getting your goggle is made easy. You can sit at home on your couch, download our app and complete the scan. The app will guide you through the scanning process, which will take less than 1 minute. When the scan is complete you can purchase your goggle, and we will start producing it immediately.

The app will be released when our crowdfunding campaign is finalized. All backers will receive a voucher code, which must be entered after the scanning process to validate your purchase from Kickstarter.

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We have tested our goggles in collaboration with athletes who use goggles every day. Among the testers are pro swimmers and triathletes as well as recreational swimmers. Our ambition has been to provide the best swimming experience for swimmers at all levels.

The feedback we received from our testers has helped us to optimize our product. 9 out of 10 testers claimed that THEMAGIC5 was better than their current goggle. It automatically becomes easier to focus on the stroke and technique without having to worry about misfitted goggles.

Our goggles are available in multiple color options. For now, you only have to decide if you want mirror or standard coating. Later, when our app is released and when you have completed the scanning process, you will choose the color.


Swimming gear news is courtesy of THEMAGIC5, a SwimSwam partner.

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Can you put a prescription in the lens


Hi Mark. For this version of our goggles, we are focusing 100% on the optimal fit. We will provide prescription lenses in later versions.


where can i but these

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