TA&M Freshman Bring New Energy, Scoring Potential After Big Graduations (Video Report)

At the 2018 NCAA Championships, the Texas A&M men scored a program high 14th, heavily on the backs of seniors Brock Bonetti, Mauro Castillo, Jonathan Tybur, and diver Tyler Henschel. Head coach Jay Holmes commented that it wasn’t a surprise that they would be graduating, but they were big shoes to fill. However, they are getting them filled a little faster than most may have expected.

With a huge incoming freshman class at the forefront of a growing team, the Texas A&M men may well just end up scoring more points at conference and NCAA’s this year than they did last year. The fall has certainly been a growing period for the young team, and assistant coach Jason Calanog expressed that while the team as a whole is still finding themselves and learning how to compete in season, come championships they will be ready to turn heads.

Freshman Clayton Bobo was excited to come to Texas A&M in it’s current state, saying that he’s enthusiastic about building something new and taking this next step with the TA&M men’s program. Junior Ben Walker has stepped into a bit more of a leadership role in competitions, confident that as the season progresses, the team will only get stronger and stronger. With men’s SEC mainstays such as Georgia and Florida also losing huge pieces to graduations this past year, the men’s title is relatively open, and the A&M men are preparing for their chance to take the throne.

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2 years ago

A+M men have been getting better as well they should. “Baaboola Baaboola Baa” to the Aggie Manpower! Hopefully 2019 will be the year of a TEAM championship for both the Women and Men Aggies at SEC!

2 years ago

Am I the only one that thinks that Ben Walker looks like JFK

A&M Swim Fan
2 years ago

It’s good now & it’s gonna get better!! This team is “on the move”!!

2 years ago

Still caught that L to Bama though

Texas A&M Swim Fan
Reply to  JoshJ
2 years ago

Let’s see how it shakes down at SEC championship! That’s where it counts!!

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