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Video: Fix Your Freestyle Head Position

This week we are talking freestyle head position as it is one of the biggest inefficiencies that most swimmers learning proper freestyle find.


Video: How To Use The EDGE, By Phlex

We are happy to announce that our campaign for the EDGE is now fully funded on Indiegogo!


Video: 5 Tips To Have Your Best Swimming Workout

We can all admit that swimming is a grueling sport to train for.

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Video: U.S. Olympic Swim Team Captain On The Phlex Edge

We are 2 weeks into our campaign for the EDGE, a revolutionary swimming fitness tracker that has been met with incredible support by the swimming community.

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Tecnica e Video: I Migliori 5 Esercizi (a secco) per i Nuotatori

Questa settimana, grazie a Indiegogo parliamo di esercizi a secco adatti a chi pratica nuoto. L’importanza degli esercizi a secco Abbiamo…

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Video: The 5 Best Exercises For Swimmers

Swimming is a sport that demands you to be in great shape. It forces your body to be fit since it engages with all of your muscles at all times.


Video: EDGE – The Swimming Tracker Made By Swimmers, For Swimmers

Meet the EDGE. A fitness tracker designed with all swimmers in mind.


Video: The Phlex Edge Is Coming!

We are only ONE WEEK OUT from the launch of the Phlex Kickstarter campaign.

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Video: You Can’t Do This Drill! (With 3X US Olympian Elizabeth Beisel)

We had Elizabeth Beisel in town working with us for our Kickstarter campaign (coming February 15th), and we figured why not have her show off one of her favorite drills.


Video: Let’s Talk Business!

This is it. We are so excited to announce that Phlex is so much more than a YouTube channel.


Video: The Science Behind Swimming

The Phlex Crew is back in the New Year.


Video: Repair That Broken Freestyle

We are back with another great freestyle breakdown from Ashlee Linn!


Video: Pull Your Freestyle Out Of The Gutter

Freestyle may seem like one of the most simple strokes, but since it is everyones main focus, there are plenty of significant aspects that we must work.

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Video: Easiest Way To Master Butterfly

Butterfly. We’re all deathly afraid of the stroke.


You Can Have The Most Beautiful Breaststroke!

Breaststroke is a stroke of grace and beauty. But sometimes when you aren’t dong it correctly it can look super clunky and inefficient.


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