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January 19th, 2018 Industry, News, Video

This is it. We are so excited to announce that Phlex is so much more than a YouTube channel. We are a technology startup and we are currently working on bringing a truly phenomenal fitness tracker to the swimming world we know and love.

We were in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show observations about some of the tech on the market for other sports and decided what better a time to make the announcement than now.

As usual, we will keep our stroke clinics flowing, but we are looking forward to the support fo the swimming world for our upcoming Kickstarter in February!

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Music: Brock Berrigan & Joakim Karud

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Start Up

Worried, they are trying hard to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Ryan Rosenbaum

Do you not think there is a need for technology in the sport of swimming the same way cycling and running have had over the last decade? IMO better training analytics = better performance. Current metrics are non existent

Actions over Data

Coaches already track metrics and they are far from nonexistent. It worries me that you don’t know them. It may help to watch the numerous coach presentations by USA swimming. They discuss in depth seasonal planning, energy systems, technique and more… The key is actionable data and it’s unclear that is being provided.


I have an Apple watch series 2 and while, yes, it’s accuracy is imperfect, what makes you think the issue is with the hardware and not the software? I use the app, which, because supports so many watches, is slow in attending to bug fixes. But if a better swim tracking app comes along, I can simply use it instead. Aren’t you reinventing the wheel? The second FINIS watch, Swimsense Live, is now selling for $50. FINIS is no lightweight, either. The kickstarter swim watch Swimmo is about $199 but can’t identify strokes. Android watches upgraded to Androidwear 2.0, like my Sony Smartwatch 3.0, can no longer go into theater mode, meaning the watch face is easily triggered… Read more »

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