Video: U.S. Olympic Swim Team Captain On The Phlex Edge

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We are 2 weeks into our campaign for the EDGE, a revolutionary swimming fitness tracker that has been met with incredible support by the swimming community. We figured as we go through the campaign, we would not only highlight the vital features that the EDGE has to offer for swimmers but some of the people that were involved in the creation of this incredible device.

3x US Olympian, World Champion, and Olympic team captain Elizabeth Beisel is one of the main team members to bring this product to life, and she explains why she is so excited for it in this weeks video.

We are Phlex, the team behind the EDGE. We have been immersed in the swimming world for as long as we can remember, and credit the sport with playing a huge role in shaping whom we are today. For the past two years, we have dedicated all of our time to developing a swimming tracker that would change the way we train. We wanted to enable everyone to take their performance to the next level. Whether that is qualifying for your next big competition, or taking your fitness to the next level, our goal is to help you experience improvement!

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2 years ago

“It’s not a distraction” – Elizabeth Beisel.

Whatever could make it a distraction? Hmmmm. Well, maybe if it constantly gave you real-time audio feedback about your split times, distance and stroke rate. That would be annoying, right? Apparently, a competitor doesn’t think so. So much so that they put in so little effort into their headable’s esthetics that it looks like a mashup of giant lime and orange Jelly Belly jelly beans. That’s not a pun, either. For a solo swimmer, the feedback could help maintain focus but in a group, there already is more than enough to focus on. Pacing is critical but until headables are allowed in competition, it’s probably best performed using your internal clock.