Video: You Can’t Do This Drill! (With 3X US Olympian Elizabeth Beisel)

by SwimSwam Partner Content 8

February 01st, 2018 Industry, News, Video

We had Elizabeth Beisel in town working with us for our Kickstarter campaign (coming February 15th), and we figured why not have her show off one of her favorite drills. She proceeded to tell us that she teaches a drill at various stroke clinics that nobody else can do cause it’s so difficult; the Titantic drill.

Work on improving your kicking and core strength at the same time as you fight to stay above water with your arms up in the air on your back.

Can you do it? Let us know.

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Music: Brock Berrigan

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is that video being played in fast forward? she is seriously moving………. wow.


I have seen her absolutely DESTROY world-class men in kick sets.


This. Drill. Is. Death.


I wish I could record her cackling laughter and make it my morning alarm. I would leap out of bed like a dancer.

Seriously that is some amazing kicking she is so accomplished. Thank you for posting.