TAC Titans Top USA Swimming 2021-2022 Club Excellence Rankings

The TAC Titans have earned the #1 spot in USA Swimming’s annual Club Excellence Program rankings, marking the first time in eight years the top spot didn’t go to Nation’s Capital Swim Club (NCAP).

USA Swimming announced Monday the 200 clubs that will be recognized as Gold, Silver or Bronze medal clubs in the program, which “recognizes the organization’s highest-performing clubs in the development of athletes ages 18 years and younger on an annual basis.”

This was the first year that open water performances were factored into the rankings, and another change was that any USA Swimming member clubs with a 2020 Olympic qualifying athlete automatically qualified for Gold status (provided they met minimum eligibility requirements).

The TAC Titans totalled 69,591 points, taking out seven-year defending champion NCAP (60,376) by 9,215 points.

The Titans were led by the likes of 2020 Olympian Claire Curzan and top-ranked age group swimmers Charlotte Hook and Lance Norris.

SwimMAC Carolina, Dynamo Swim Club and Carmel Swim Club round out the top five for 2022.

The Point System Explained

USA Swimming member clubs earn points based off athlete performance scores. Each team’s ranking score is based on the FINA Points Table, a power point rating system that assigns point values to individual swimming performances based on the Gold, Silver or Bronze time standard. All program requirements, including time standards, can be viewed here.

-USA Swimming

The primary objectives of the program are as follows, courtesy of USA Swimming:

  • The development of strong, well-rounded age group and senior swimming programs that produce elite 18 & under athletes;
  • Resources to motivate and assist USA Swimming member clubs to achieve the highest athlete performance ideals;
  • Grant funding; and
  • The USA Swimming club development system as an integral part in achieving excellence in the sport.

2022 USA Swimming Gold Medal Clubs

Rank Club Name LSC Points
1 TAC Titans NC 69,591
2 Nation’s Capital Swim Club PV 60,376
3 SwimMAC Carolina NC 56,233
4 Dynamo Swim Club GA 52,690
5 Carmel Swim Club IN 47,162
6 Mission Viejo Nadadores CA 46,396
7 Sarasota Sharks FL 45,915
8 Sandpipers of Nevada CA 40,156
9 NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc. VA 36,755
10 Irvine Novaquatics CA 34,805
11 SwimAtlanta GA 34,738
12 Lakeside Swim Team KY 33,463
13 Bluefish Swim Club NE 30,411
14 Scottsdale Aquatic Club AZ 27,991
15 Long Island Aquatic Club MR 27,844
16 Elmbrook Swim Club WI 27,239
17 University of Denver Hilltoppers CO 25,942
18 Bolles School Sharks FL 25,216
19 Lakeside Aquatic Club NT 24,564
20 Club Wolverine MI 23,430
21 Arlington Aquatic Club PV 10,264

Click here to view the complete 2022 Club Excellence Program results.

Arlington Aquatic Club was the lone club to reach the Gold Medal ranking for the first time, with a total of 20 clubs achieving their first medal recognition.

Florida Swimming led all LSCs with 14 clubs recognized.

In addition to the Club Excellence Program, USA Swimming will also honor 15 clubs as 2022 Podium Clubs. A team earns Podium Club status by earning the Gold Medal ranking for four straight years. They are as follows:

2022 Podium Clubs

  • TAC Titans
  • Nation’s Capital Swim Club
  • SwimMAC Carolina
  • Dynamo Swim Club
  • Carmel Swim Club
  • Mission Viejo Nadadores
  • Sarasota Sharks
  • Sandpipers of Nevada
  • NOVA of Virginia Aquatics, Inc.
  • Irvine Novaquatics
  • SwimAtlanta
  • Lakeside Swim Team
  • Bluefish Swim Club
  • Long Island Aquatic Club
  • Elmbrook Swim Club

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Bad gers
2 months ago

Would love to see a breakdown of points/registered swimmer. Is there a place to find # of registered swimmers per club?

Braden Keith(@braden)
Reply to  Bad gers
2 months ago

Nowhere public, unfortunately. A few clubs list numbers on their websites, but most don’t. Sometimes LSCs put that data out, though it can be hard to discern between “competitive” and “recreational” swimmers.

Everyone always wants to know points/swimmer, but unfortunately it’s not data we’re ever going to get.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 months ago

I don’t think USA Swimming would want to promote a metric that encourages clubs to drop, or not accept, lower-level swimmers.

Paying Tin Quotes
Reply to  Braden Keith
2 months ago

Maybe you could use total swimmers per team at their latest LSC champs meet or equivalent, to get a rough guesstimate. That info is somewhat readily available.

Reply to  Bad gers
2 months ago

Would also love to see a point/athlete breakdown. Which club is scoring by attrition vs club maximizing each athlete?

Reply to  swimtothemoon24
2 months ago

The pound for pound metric. It would highlight smaller clubs (medium and small in size) and their coaching / performance ability. The Heavyweight champs (top five to ten anyway) are fun to analyze too. But there is something to be said for punching above your weight.

Definitely not John Nelson
2 months ago

Wow that John Nelson is really doing great he should win coach of the year or something idk just a non biased thought

Wheezy Jefferson
Reply to  Definitely not John Nelson
2 months ago

Dude keeps chasing his predecessor, but is definitely moving on up

2 months ago

Why isn’t that new team from Illinois on the list. FMC. I thought they were good

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