SwimSwam Podcast: Helen Yee on What ISL Could Take From UFC’s Fight Island

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We sat down with Helen Yee, Nevada High School Swimming state champion turned sports reporter and broadcaster. We talked through Helen’s swimming years, and how she eventually transitioned to sports reporting, specifically the UFC. Yee’s most recent reporting stint was spent on Fight Island, UFC’s response to COVID-19 where they had a remote location to host competition on an Island in Abu Dhabi. It sounds very similar to what the ISL has proposed for their shortened 2020-21 season, and the takeaways from UFC’s version could be valuable, as they had a lot of success with few to no COVID infections while on the island.

Music: Otis McDonald


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1 month ago

Let’s maybe not use UFC as an example of how to treat our athletes? Fight Island is less about fighter safety and more about skirting rules and avoiding regulation intended to protect athletes.

OG Prodigy
Reply to  2Fat4Speed
1 month ago

A mighty strong opinion for someone who doesn’t follow the sport. Point me in the direction where club teams are requiring 3-5 COVID tests the week of competition?

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
1 month ago

Last time I checked people where competing and getting paid… And no cases popping out of the island, so…

Plus I love having two cards a week, future of sports if you ask me

1 month ago

This is such an interesting choice of interviewee. Thank you swimswam!

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