SPIRE Splashes Down in Abu Dhabi to Lead Swim Clinic

Courtesy of SPIRE, a SwimSwam partner.

SPIRE has always been known as an elite, international athletic academy. Sometimes, that even involves taking SPIRE to various corners of the world to scout for the best athletes. Recently, SPIRE was invited to host a swim clinic in Abu Dhabi. SPIRE’s Director of Admissions, Lindsey Ahrens, and Director of Aquatics / Head Swim Coach Thad Schultz were more than ready to pack their suitcases and board the plane to the UAE capital to showcase yet another example of SPIRE’s expanding global reach.

The clinic was held at the 4th Lane Swim Academy, located in Abu Dhabi. 4th Lane is a swim club known for its long-term athletic development, a mission that resonates with SPIRE’s students and faculty.

Coach Schultz explains, “We went to Abu Dhabi for two reasons, to do a stroke clinic with one of the largest teams in that area of the world and to spread the word of what an amazing place SPIRE is and how we do things. The trip was successful in that we met with a lot of families and had good conversations with them about how we could help their child achieve their goals in swimming and school. The clinic was also successful in that we had swimmers that were from all over the world get to get a taste of what we do here.”

The clinic, which took place on May 17th and 18th, was offered to more than 400 families and members of the 4th Lane. The families were seeking information on how to further their young athlete’s educational path and career goals through a university or college focusing on swimming opportunities.

This topic is nothing new for SPIRE, which regularly helps its students with college placement to further their careers. SPIRE’s Career and College Preparation and Placement Programs consistently place students in the top universities through their combination of services, college-level educational opportunities, and the student’s ability to compete in front of top decision-makers representing the best schools across the country.

The clinic drew many parents and athletes, all of whom were interested in SPIRE’s resources and opportunities for their children to be educated in the U.S., with the hope of being accepted into a top U.S. university.

“It was a privilege to meet with the coaches and families of 4th Lane Aquatics Swim Academy, “ Lindsey Ahrens explained. “4th Lane’s missions and goals for their athletes are in line with SPIRE’s mission to inspire individuals to meet their peak potential. I believe SPIRE can provide many options to open new pathways for the swimmers who want to improve themselves in the pool, with their academics and in the community.”


SPIRE Academy is one of the largest indoor, professional training and competition complexes in the world. With more than 750,000 sq. ft. under roof and a campus of 500+ acres, SPIRE has the unique capacity to simultaneously host a world-renowned sports academy, clubs, leagues, tournaments and championship events, no matter the weather or the season. SPIRE Academy and its expert coaches, teachers and performance trainers offer residential camp and academy training programs in girls and boys basketball, track and field, swimming, esports, lacrosse, soccer and wrestling. The comprehensive mix of professional level training integrates athletics and academics, skills training and performance training and personal and career development in ways that has never been done before. High school and post grad athletes on one campus, pursuing specialty passions ranging from basketball to e-gaming, swimming to drone racing, pole vaulting or sprinting to future opportunities like culinary or cultural arts…is a career development experience that you just won’t find anywhere else in the world today.

SPIRE Institute is the epitome of a ‘real world lab’ for professional, technical and health and wellness research. Like never before, student trainees and elite athletes will have the chance to train, study and be studied side-by-side with weekend warriors, wounded Veterans, Paralympians, Olympians and Special Olympians, as well as juniors, collegians and adults of all ages and ability levels. SPIRE is truly a melting pot of all things relative to long-term training and education development, and all of this delivered within a fun, healthy and inspiring environment. The “SPIRE Way’’ focuses on the development of the whole self – building strong minds, strong bodies and strong character.

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