Shanghai Daily Names 3 of 6 Chinese Swimmers to Fail Drug Tests has reported the names of three of the six Chinese swimmers who have failed a test for banned substances in the last 7-8 months.

Earlier today, we reported that six Chinese swimmers had tested positive for banned substances, following allegations that the failed tests were being covered up as well as requests for WADA to launch an investigation into Chinese swimming. CHINADA denied these cover-up allegations.

According to the report, Zhao YingWang Lizhou, and An Jiabao all tested positive for clenbuterol in 2015.

The names of the other three swimmers, who reports all tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide in January, have been kept private.

“CSA [China’s Swimming Association] announced six doping cases, but only half of them has been made public. The other three’s information needs to be protected before all procedures are gone through,” said Zhao Jian, the deputy director of China’s anti-doping agency, CHINADA.

“We will release the results and punishments 20 days after relevant association made their respective punishments. All is under regulations, and there is no ‘covering up’ in dealing with this,” said Zhao.

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7 years ago

If there was justice, Russia and China would not collect any swimming medals this year.

7 years ago

Are Paralympic program swimmers drug tested also?

Reply to  SW
7 years ago

There is testing in the Paralympics and the entry sheet for US para trials indicates drug testing will take place. But its 1000x easier to just cheat at the classification test and be moved down a class or two and dominate without bothering to dope.

7 years ago

Wang races for the Chinese Navy team with the likes of Ning Zetao….why am i not surprised

Reply to  TA
7 years ago

*swims WJR at “fall championships”* after hes been at junior worlds lol. classis chinese

7 years ago

does that make Wang’s WJR void? (one would hope)

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