See 15 Swim Camps You Might Love For A Holiday Gift Idea

These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming. Stay tuned. More swim camps will be listed soon.

Sergio Lopez Swim Camps: 2022 Winter Breaststroke Camp – Sign Up Today

This camp will focus on perfecting all aspects of breaststroke starting from setting a great streamline, getting in the correct body position and finding your personal rhythm between your kick and pull. We are also very excited to add in some additional starts and pull out work to improve your front speed and details. Besides the in-water work, your swimmer will take part in classroom sessions where the entire stroke is broken down and they will hear success stories, great experiences from former Olympians and learn mental techniques to prepare them for race day. We also will have a limited number of video analysis spots available to be filmed at the end of camp.

2023 Navy Elite Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The Navy Swim Elite Training Camp is designed and implemented by our Navy Coaching Staff to take swimmers to the next level of performance by focusing on a progressive stroke technique session while adding an elite-level pool training session each day. The techniques sessions will include competitive stroke progressions in all strokes, starts and turns, racing prep, and video analysis. The training component will incorporate the learned techniques with a high-level energy systems-based training program to prepare the swimmer for excellence in the summer season. In addition, this camp will expose swimmers to whole person performance expectations outside the pool. Whole person performance includes daily dryland and flexibility program as well as sports psychology, nutrition, and leadership lectures.

2023 Carolina Swimming Camps – Sign Up Today

The 2022 UNC Swimming Camps look forward to hosting you for a lively swimming experience in beautiful Chapel Hill. UNC Head Coach, two-time Olympic Gold-Medalist Mark Gangloff, along with the rest of the UNC Swimming Staff will be among the staff for the 2022 Carolina Swim Camps. Mark Gangloff and his staff look forward to sharing their knowledge and time with you to help foster champion swimmers in all!  Camps are open to swimmers of all ages, abilities, and levels. We look forward to having you!

2023 University of Northern Colorado Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

UNC Swimming Camps are designed to teach athletes the technical aspects of swimming to help them achieve success at the next level. While the main focus of our camp is on stroke analysis and technique for starts and turns, we also provide elite training sessions, team building activities, nutritional education, competition preparation tools and mental training.

2023 Gator Swim Camps – Save The Date

The University of Florida GATOR SWIM CAMPS are developmental camps designed to teach swimmers proper technique and provide quality training to swimmers of ALL abilities between 8 and 18 years old. The camps emphasize technical skills, training habits, and mental preparation as well as the importance of health and fitness in a structured, fun, and enthusiastic Gator environment. Campers will interact with Olympic Gold Medalists, World and NCAA Champions, as well as Olympic and World Championship coaches.

2023 Bolles Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

We are excited to offer a full range of swim camp programs in the summer of 2023. Renovations have been completed in our dorm facilities, and we are preparing exciting new features to be available in 2023. Camp registrations will be taken on a first come, first served basis from the online camp registration system starting Dec 1st 2022.

2023 Western Colorado University High Altitude Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Mountaineer High Altitude Training Camps offer the most unique training experience in the country. Each athlete will receive a free camp T-shirt & swim cap. Additionally, meals will be provided & athletes will be lodged in college dorm rooms. All attendees will get to meet with collegiate athletes! Camps will focus on teaching, refining, and reinforcing elite swimming techniques as well as aerobic-based training. Swimmers will walk away with a deeper understanding of their strokes as well as their starts,

2023 Mizzou Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

One of the finest on-campus swimming and diving facilities in the nation, the Mizzou Aquatic Center serves as the home of Missouri’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs and has hosted some of the nation’s top meets. The Mizzou Aquatic Center features a 50-meter competitive pool with a moveable hydraulic floor. The pool’s water is kept between 78 and 80 degrees at all times with a maximum depth of eight feet, six inches.

2023 Neal Studd Swim Camp @ Florida State University – Sign Up Today

The Neal Studd Swim Camp at Florida State University, is a camp that focuses on giving each swimmer age 7-18 the tools to improve their overall technique. The camp focuses on, fitness, stroke technique, starts, turns, nutrition and mental training. Each camper will recieve specific instruction on all 4 strokes, turns and starts. There will be classroom sessions on these principles as well as talks on nutrition. We will also have champion swimmers come in to talk to our campers. Our goal each session is to give your camper the tools to improve their swimming as well as give them a renewed love of the sport! We love to hear from our campers each year, that they have a “renewed love of the sport” and/or that they “were so excited to drop time”.

2023 Michigan Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

The Michigan Swim Camp is designed to provide each competitive swimmer with the opportunity to improve their pursuit of excellence, both in and out of the water.  It is open to any and all participants limited only by age, specified number of campers, and the ability to swim the competitive strokes.  This is not a learn to swim camp.  During online registration campers will select from one of two tracks.

2022-2023 Gamecock Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Gamecock Swim Camps offer eight camp options over December 2022 and 2023, focusing on every aspect of swimming to make your swimmer faster and instill a love and appreciate for the sport.

2023 Aggie Swim Camp – Sign Up Today

The Aggie Swim Camp is known as a premiere technique-based camp where our philosophy is “INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION”.  We do one-on-one analysis and detailed stroke work with EVERY camper, EVERY day. The Aggie Swim Camp is known for being the first major collegiate swim camp to do individual filming of each camper, included in the cost of camp. The film is a great reference tool that can be used all year long. Extensive filming includes above water, below water, starts and turns, as well as one-on-one video analysis with camp coaches daily.  Also included on the film are demonstrations of stroke drills utilized by our coaches with their own teams throughout the year.

2023 Crimson Tide Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

We Welcome Parents: All parents are invited to observe pool practices (from the bleachers) throughout the week and we encourage parents to observe our final Thursday morning session and swim meet. Camp check out will be held adjacent to the pool at the conclusion of the meet, approximately 1:00PM.

2022-2023 Spire Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

A unique, cutting-edge environment for swimmers wanting a competitive advantage. Camps focus on all technical aspects of racing and are designed to specifically develop the four competitive strokes plus starts, turns, transitions and finishes. Stroke technique, efficiency and speed will all improve. SPIRE Performance Training is included and designed to develop core strength, power and flexibility.


Are you looking for swim camps? We’ve got you covered. Fitter and Faster Swim Camps produce camps in every state and Canada. We produced 1,500 swim clinic sessions in 49 States plus Canada in 2022! When are we coming to you?

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