Cyber Attackers Take Control Of Israeli Pool’s PH And Chlorine Levels

Retta Race
by Retta Race 9

September 22nd, 2022 International, News

A recent technology infrastructure breach at a pool in Isreal highlights the need for aquatic facilities to consider more than just the physical aspects when securing their sites.

Hacktivist group ‘GhostSec’ recently bragged about having breached an unidentified hotel pool’s programmable logic controller (PLC), rendering the group in control of the site’s pH and chlorine levels.

An independent security firm’s (Otorio) post-breach report stated, “While we do not know for certain, it appears that the most likely aim of the breach was for the attackers to demonstrate that they had the ability to control the water’s pH.” (

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10 days ago

I wish they would hack the neighborhood YMCA pool. It would be an improvement.

11 days ago

“Free palestine” broke dudes always be wantin sum free ish😂😂😂

John Kim
11 days ago

Maybe the simple answer is that terrorists have no place on this planet. Rather than placing blame on the victim, why don’t you recognize that innocent kids (and adults) are being targeted under the guise of a bogus movement who will do anything to attack and kill Jews.

Reply to  John Kim
11 days ago

Look, I get what you’re going for here (the victims aren’t to blame), but that also doesn’t solve anything.

We will destroy ourselves as a human race long before we figure out how to eradicate terrorism.

Best strategy is probably to work at it from both ends. Simultaneously deal with the root causes of terrorism (things like climate change, religious extremism) while working to protect ourselves from those terrorists.

Your strategy is akin to “dissolve the IDF because the Israelis are not to blame.”

11 days ago

Maybe simple things like pool maintenance do not have to be linked to the internet? Have someone manually push buttons or at least keep it on a closed system.

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
11 days ago

The tech drive to make everything “smart” is so dumb/weird. A friend of mine has a cat food dispenser with a web-connected camera, which seems insanely unnecessary and like a super easy way for someone to hack in and watch you. Somehow, I don’t think the security system on a cat food dispenser is very sophisticated.

Coach Tom
Reply to  ACC
11 days ago

They’re absolutely open to hacks. You can find YouTube videos of online trolls hacking into home security systems (which probably have far more security than a cat feeder) and harassing residents in their own homes. The extent to which people essentially wiretap their homes with invasive “smart” technology is completely mind-boggling to me.

Movie Buff
Reply to  Coach Tom
11 days ago

Have you ever watched Ghost in the Machine (1993)? A deceased serial killer’s spirit infiltrates the city’s power grid and is able to kill using residents by tacking control of household appliances like microwaves and dishwaters. It’s extremely alarming. We need to learn how to prevent malevolent ghosts from being able to use electronic devices to exact revenge on the living.

Reply to  Movie Buff
11 days ago

“We need to learn how to prevent malevolent ghosts from being able to use electronic devices to exact revenge on the living.”
Maybe best post ever on SwimSwam

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