Scoring Out the Psych Sheet For the 2021 NCAA Women’s Swimming Championships

Data compiled by SwimSwam’s Andrew Mering.


  • When: Wednesday, March 17 – Saturday, March 20, 2021
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending champion: Stanford (3x) – 2019 results
  • Streaming:
  • Championship Central
  • Live Results

With the pre-selection psych sheets now live for the 2021 Women’s NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, we can score out the individual swimming events.

Previous coverage:

The following projections are just that – projections. Every year, teams vary wildly from their psych sheets points to their actual scored points. But these numbers at least give us a starting point for previewing the 2021 Women’s NCAA Championships.

Note: these projections do not include diving, where athletes will be selected via NCAA Zone meets later this month.

Psych Sheet scoring – Individual & Relay Swimming Events Only

Rank Team Psych Sheet Points
1 Virginia-VA 474.5
2 NC State-NC 375
3 California-PC 350
4 Texas-ST 334.5
5 Alabama-SE 292.5
6 Georgia-GA 249
7 Michigan-MI 209
8 Kentucky-KY 182
9 Ohio St-OH 169
9 Stanford-PC 169
11 Tennessee-SE 145
12 Missouri-MV 117
13 Florida-FL 97
14 Southern Cali-CA 69
15 Northwestern-IL 57
16 Louisville-KY 53.5
17 Texas A&M-GU 49
18 Virginia Tech-VA 38
19 Wisconsin-WI 31
20 UNC-NC 26
21 Arkansas-AR 24
22 Indiana-IN 20
23 UCLA-CA 10
24 U.S. Navy-MD 9
25 Nebraska-MW 7
26 San Diego St-SI 3
27 Florida St-FL 2
27 Utah-UT 2
29 Arizona-AZ 1

Relay Points By Team

These are the relay points only – these totals are already included in the list above.

Rank Team Relay Points
1 Virginia-VA 200
2 California-PC 158
3 NC State-NC 140
3 Alabama-SE 140
5 Texas-ST 136
6 Ohio St-OH 114
7 Stanford-PC 90
8 Michigan-MI 88
9 Georgia-GA 82
10 Tennessee-SE 68
11 Missouri-MV 66
12 Kentucky-KY 56
13 Northwestern-IL 44
14 Florida-FL 42
14 Southern Cali-CA 42
16 Louisville-KY 32
17 UNC-NC 16
18 Texas A&M-GU 12
19 Indiana-IN 10
20 Virginia Tech-VA 8
21 UCLA-CA 4
22 Florida St-FL 2

Individual Projected Scorers

Last Name First Name Team
Psych Sheet Points
Madden, Paige Virginia-VA 60
Douglass, Kate Virginia-VA 57
Hartman, Zoie Georgia-GA 53
MacNeil, Maggie Michigan-MI 53
White, Rhyan Alabama-SE 52
Bray, Olivia Texas-ST 51
Pfeifer, Evie Texas-ST 46
Harnish, Courtney Georgia-GA 45
Ivey, Isabel California-PC 44
Nelson, Ella Virginia-VA 43.5
Pash, Kelly Texas-ST 42.5
Alons, Kylee NC State-NC 42
Berkoff, Katharine NC State-NC 41
Thompson, Sarah Missouri-MV 40
Hansson, Sophie NC State-NC 37
Wilson, Alicia California-PC 36
Stadden, Isabelle California-PC 36
Forde, Brooke Stanford-PC 35
Moore, Kate NC State-NC 35
Walsh, Alex Virginia-VA 31
Bacon, Phoebe Wisconsin-WI 31
Tankersley, Morgan Stanford-PC 29.5
Muzzy, Emma NC State-NC 29
Stege, Kristen Tennessee-SE 28
Carter, Olivia Michigan-MI 27
Podmanikova, Andrea NC State-NC 27
Dobler, Kaitlyn Southern Cali-CA 27
Scott, Morgan Alabama-SE 26
Elendt, Anna Texas-ST 26
Antoniou, Kalia Alabama-SE 25
Davey, Gillian Kentucky-KY 25
Palsha, Peyton Arkansas-AR 24
Romano, Kristen Ohio St-OH 23
Poole, Lauren Kentucky-KY 23
Neumann, Robin California-PC 22
Parker, Maxine Georgia-GA 22
Spitz, Ayla California-PC 21
McSharry, Mona Tennessee-SE 21
Dupre, Cora Alabama-SE 20.5
McMahon, Kensey Alabama-SE 20
Stepanek, Chloe Texas A&M-GU 20
Gaines, Riley Kentucky-KY 19.5
Cook, Julia Texas-ST 19
Dellatorre, Danielle Georgia-GA 18
Cuomo, Lexi Virginia-VA 18
Luther, Dakota Georgia-GA 17
Brooks, Caitlin Kentucky-KY 17
Harter, Abby Virginia-VA 16.5
Pintar, Tjasa Tennessee-SE 16
Wenger, Alexis Virginia-VA 16
Gyorgy, Reka Virginia Tech-VA 15
Klinker, Rachel California-PC 15
Atkinson, Emma Virginia Tech-VA 15
Gati, Izzy Kentucky-KY 14.5
Sims, Kaitlynn Michigan-MI 14
Schmidt, Sierra Michigan-MI 14
Poole, Julia NC State-NC 14
Sorenson, Sophie Kentucky-KY 14
Rajic, Ema California-PC 14
Sticklen, Emma Texas-ST 14
Pearl, Vanessa Florida-FL 12.5
Mack, Katie Florida-FL 12.5
Raab, Allie Stanford-PC 12.5
Pyshnenko, Daria Michigan-MI 12
Bates, Talia Florida-FL 12
Pike, Taylor Texas A&M-GU 12
Keil, Megan Missouri-MV 11
Tiltmann, Reilly Virginia-VA 11
Bach, Hannah Ohio St-OH 11
Yager, Alexis Tennessee-SE 10
Anderson, Olivia Georgia-GA 9
Crane, Emily Ohio St-OH 9
Harrington, Sydney U.S. Navy-MD 9
McNeese, Beth Kentucky-KY 8
Arens, Abby NC State-NC 8
Keating, Anna Virginia-VA 8
Smith, Maddie Northwestern-IL 8
Albiero, Gabi Louisville-KY 8
Mathieu, Tylor Florida-FL 7
Haebig, Autumn Nebraska-MW 7
Liberto, Morgan Alabama-SE 7
Countie, Grace UNC-NC 7
Wheeler, Kaylee Louisville-KY 6.5
Tafuto, Sally Ohio St-OH 6
Ault, Taylor Florida-FL 6
Baron, Sam UCLA-CA 6
Nava, Jessica Virginia-VA 6
Toney, Camryn Texas A&M-GU 5
Bonnett, Bailey Kentucky-KY 5
Valls, Kyla Virginia-VA 4.5
Dimeco, Sarah California-PC 4
Trace, Katie Ohio St-OH 4
Weiss, Emily Indiana-IN 4
Kraus, Alena Louisville-KY 4
Angus, Sophie Northwestern-IL 4
Grote, Josie Indiana-IN 3
Williams, Liberty Louisville-KY 3
Ray, Amanda Florida-FL 3
Fa’Amausili, Gabi Georgia-GA 3
Turak, Ashley Indiana-IN 3
Gmelich, Caroline Virginia-VA 3
Thormalm, Klara San Diego St-SI 3
Lindner, Sophie UNC-NC 3
Bauer, Elise Florida-FL 2
Petkova, Diana Alabama-SE 2
Rothrock, Trude Tennessee-SE 2
Rudolph, Janelle Stanford-PC 2
Petrak, Taylor Ohio St-OH 2
Reimer, Audrey Utah-UT 2
Hierath, Yara NC State-NC 1
Mortensen, Amalie Arizona-AZ 1
Ackerman, Kathryn Michigan-MI 1
Guevara, Miriam Northwestern-IL 1
Calegan, Olivia NC State-NC 1

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6 months ago

Let’s goooo Paige

6 months ago

University of Minnesota has a pretty young team. I’m optimistic they will build it back! It’s weird to not see any swimmers.

Reply to  Mnswim
6 months ago

All the teams say they are “young”.

ACC fan
6 months ago

Thank you so much Jared! This is great stuff! Always one of my favorite things SS puts out. As you said this is without diving and can vary drastically from the real outcome. Would be interesting to do a “projection” of diving points as well.

6 months ago

Wow Auburn not even seeded to score

Reply to  PVSFree
6 months ago

Lmao does that surprise you?

6 months ago

Texas only has 7 swimmers but 6 of those score pretty significant points. Add in diving, and a runner-up finish could be an achievable stretch goal.

Reply to  Wethorn
6 months ago

You’re right, it is within reach. That was one of the more surprising numbers on here, because it *felt* like Cal was going to be way ahead of everyone for 2nd.

But Texas diving is pretty good, Paola Pineda is having a big, big year.

They’d have to be better than they have the past few years, where they’ve been:

-31.5 (2019)
+17.5 (2018)
+15 (2017)

Even those small +s probably won’t be enough this year. I’d expect Cal to be significantly better than seeded. NC State was way worse than seed at the 2019 NCAAs, so they’ll have to reverse that trend too.

Those top seeded teams have all been shaky at NCAAs in the past, so… Read more »

Blue shoot
Reply to  Braden Keith
6 months ago

That was 2019… new team new speed don’t sleep on nc state

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 months ago

Texas women may bring 3-4 divers. Pineda was challenged by Bridget O’Neil on 1M, and lost to her on 3M. The other three may have scoring potential.


Reply to  Braden Keith
6 months ago

Ha ha Braden you are awesome. I want to have you jump on with my team the way you’re a full on member of UVA’s team. You found one of the few places UVA can improve, while most people would only notice that UVA has about 300 points on the psyche sheet that can only go down. Keep pumping the UVA hype machine while I work on an offer to get you to sign on with us!

6 months ago

Well see what happens but, overall I think this meet looks slow. However, that 100fly tho

6 months ago

NC STATE!!!!!!!!

6 months ago

Slow year for the gals but fast year for the men

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