Sarah Sjöström Happy Overall, But Feels ‘Discomfort’ About 100 Free


After going 51.77 to smash the 100 free WR in her 4×100 free relay lead off leg, Sarah Sjöström was the clear favorite for the individual 100. But, just as we saw happen to Cate Campbell in the Rio final, Simone Manuel closed like a freight train, and the Swede, who had taken the race out too fast, couldn’t bring it home quick enough.

Still, Sjöström walks away with three individual gold medals, and now holds four individual World records.

“This World Championships went well. I would have been satisfied with three gold medals beforehand too. I am happy that on the final day I managed to do it, but I have a little discomfort because of the 100m freestyle. Simultaneously, I am very proud that I could swim two world records at Budapest!”

Sjöström broke her 2nd world record last night during the 50 free semifinals, where she popped a 23.67 to erase Britta Steffen’s 2009 WR. Her 23.69 tonight was just off of that mark, though she looked to have a wacky finish, and could’ve potentially been faster with a stronger finish to the race.

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  1. John26 says:

    Her finish looked like kromowidjojo’s finish in London. But I don’t know technique well enough to understand why it’s bad to finish like that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sjostrom takes this mark down in season next year, I think we’re going to see this mark down in the 23.4 or 23.5 by Tokyo

  2. AWSI DOOGER says:

    She should feel discomfort. Unforced error. Overall that women’s 100 free was my least favorite final of the week. Nothing against Simone but she’s not equal to Sjostrom at her best. When premier athletes are in their prime I love to see them finish it off. Sjostrom already had the world record but it carries an asterisk to some degree when remembered as a semi before blowing the final. Reminds me somewhat of David Berkoff in 1988 setting the world record in the Olympic backstroke semi with overwhelming confidence and then losing the final.

    Combined with Mallory narrowly failing to earn bronze I didn’t appreciate this final.

    • Cameron Wallace says:

      Somewhat unfortunately, however true, is that life is about performing under pressure

      • Breeze says:

        “Pressure bust pipes”. Just like C1/2, Sarah failed to performed at the Super Bowl for swimming athletes. Who cares about setting records in Prelims. The finals are when they give out medals and crown champions. When the lights are the brightest and the pressure is the most, that’s when the truly greats perform their best.

    • Billy says:

      Sarah lost to a very, very fast and experienced Olympic Gold Medal in the 100 meter freestyle. Simone Manuel is as good as there is. A fantastic swimmer, she beat Sarah fair and square, deal with it!

      • Breeze says:

        These apologists just kill me when Simone consistently beats Sarah and C1/2 on the worlds biggest stages. Who cares what they do at some backyard swim meet or swim trials. Athletes are remembered for what they do on the biggest stages. Sarah and C1/2 are great swimmers, but step up on the big stage and stop making excuses.

    • AvidSwimFan says:

      I’m almost certain if Comerford had pulled the upset you would have been elated. Sorry, Simone won fair and square. Everyone knows you have to swim 3 great races here to get the title. Unfortunately, she didn’t. She over-swam the first half despite knowing Simone was a great closer (her words), while Simone didn’t. She ran out of steam, Simone didn’t. Guess who won, and rightly so, Simone

      • target says:

        THANK YOU

      • Swimmer? says:

        On the relay Sarah went almost half a second faster than Manuel’s flying start :/, everyone has to do 3 rounds, but Sarah had 3 rounds of 100 fly as well.

        • Breeze says:

          Excuses! At the end of the day, she lost! Two 100m races in a row to the same swimmer. Its no fluke.

          • Poe says:

            At the end of the day she has more world records than any swimmer ,male of female, AND 3 individual gold medals. She’s the fastest swimmer in the world right now so all the credit to Manual for beating her in one race this week.

          • Breeze says:

            And Simone has the Olympic and World gold in the 100m, not prelim/semi records. Go ask the APtriots about going 18-0 and losing the Super Bowl or the GSt Warriors about 73 wins and losing the NBA finals

          • Poe says:

            I’m sure they wouldn’t be to sad about it if they won 3 out of 4 Super bowls that same week…

          • Breeze says:

            and yet you all are still complaining and making excuses about the 100m free. someone’s feelings are hurt.

          • Poe says:

            Really? I think you must have me confused with another commenter. Maybe you could try and quote me on that…

  3. SchoolingFTW says:

    Sarah won 3 golds and 1 silver and 2 WRs, all from individual events.

    If she were American, she would have come home with 8 golds, 1 silver and 7 WRs.

    As it is, she is behind Mallory who come home bringing 5 gold medals.

    • target says:

      Also behind Simone, who is bringing home 5 gold medals.

      • Poe says:

        She brought home 1 gold and 4 1/4 gold medals… Simone is a fantastic swimmer but you seem to think her overall perfomance this week was better than Sarahs, which it was clearly not.

      • friula says:

        5 medals for swimming the same thing? Too many, devalves value of medals. Counting over all medals only make sense when comparing Americans. Comparing swimmers in the world, only individual medals makes sense.

        • E Gamble says:

          FRIULA… One of the most celebrated and accomplished female swimmers… Katie Ledecky swims the same thing. Is that a problem as well?

          • friula says:

            E GAMBLE. Last time I checked, Katie Ledecky swam 100 (relay),200,400,800,1500 freestyle during this WC. Those are not the same distance. Simone has five gold medals for swimming 100 free individually and in four relays, and yes I think that is too much.

          • THEO says:

            It is pretty remarkable that a single event can get someone 5 medals at one meet. Yet another reason I am not a fan of mixed medley relays. If we wanted more relays (and I do) why not add the 4×50 medley relay and 4×50 free relay for each gender? Maybe it irks people to have half the team starting on each side of the pool but I love those relays and think they could be a lot of fun at big international meets. Simone may have still won 5 medals in such a case, but would have done it by swimming 2 different events. And history has shown that success in LCM 50 does not always mean success in the 100.

  4. E Gamble says:

    This is twice that Sarah has cracked under pressure against Simone Manuel….the Olympics and now Worlds. I think Simone is in her head to stay in the 100 free. Sarah has the world record but just can’t get it done when she’s next to Simone in the 100 free. She knows if she makes one slip up…..Simone is going to be right there to take advantage. ?

    • MickePicken says:

      In relays a new country should be adderad EU (28 states) like USA (52 states).It will be more fair to the European athlets when it is coming to compare individuels medalj, and more exiting races.

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