Grevers: “I Think Michael (Phelps) Might Come Back”


American backstroker Matt Grevers had a great end to the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, picking up 2 medals on the final night of competition. He got the ball rolling in the 50 back, clocking a 24.56 to bring home the bronze. That was the 2nd fastest swim of his career and just .02 shy of his personal best 24.54 from the 2013 World Championships.

“I love 50s at the World Championships because I think it allow us to stay longer in the sport. Everyone can swim a 50,” said Grevers. “I inspired myself here in Budapest. It feels great. I will keep my motivation up and continue my progression.”

In the last event of the session, Grevers took on the backstroke leg of the men’s 4×100 medley relay. He’d already swum the 100 back plenty of times at this meet (prelims/semis/finals of the 100 back, finals of the mixed 4×100 medley relay), but this last one was his fastest. He hit the wall in 52.26, tying Ryan Murphy for the 9th fastest time ever done by an American and putting up his fastest performance since his 52.08 and 52.16 from the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials and 2012 Olympics respectively.

Grevers also shared his thoughts on whether or not Michael Phelps would come out of retirement again:

“I think Michael might come back. After watching this meet he might get the hitch. I know he is a competitor and he might want to help out.”

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He could make the team in the 200im and be a leg on 800 free relay where we sorely need help. I don’t see why not. 100/200 fly certainly out the window now. Not having as much spotlight on him I think will be a great feeling perhaps, as Dressel will be The presumptive megastar going into Tokyo


Less spotlight, If he comes back that is

Wild Bill

We have lot of ” holes ” starting with distance freestyle and lack of depth in the 200 M free


those holes wont be filled by M.Phelps – Usa need to work on those issues and i dont see how they could not succeed .

crooked donald

Dwyer should be back to 1:45 land. Lochte, possible. Conger and Haas only get faster between now and then — so 1:43 and 1:44 low. Benz, if he hangs in there, should also be faster. And then there’s Dressel: 1:47 back when we thought a high 47 and high 50 were great times for him. Not sure Phelps would want to be a prelims swimmer for the medley and 800 free relay. Doubt he’ll be able to beat Kalisz by then. Question will be, with more time off than Lochte, can he beat Lochte for a second spot, or whomever else comes up in the 200 IM. Those seem like pretty big risks for a guy who doesn’t have the… Read more »


Does anyone know what has gone on with Seliskar this season. eeerily quiet about him. He’s a hell of a swimmer and missin in action.

Swim nerd

I believe he broke his elbow at some point before trials.


Phelps isn’t coming back. He’s moved on and has a completely different life now. He has more friends and business contacts outside of swimming than he does in it. Lochte and Dwyer won’t make another US team. Lochte is the one who doesn’t have the work ethic and his Rio results showed it. He is 33 yrs old. Dwyer is 28 and seems to have other interests now other than training. He is not like Nathan Adrian. The young guns are taking over now and we’re fine.


Lochte was overtrained, he needed a break and he took it. Even then, he swam 1:56.2 twice with a groin injury so you can’t just say he’s done.


Perhaps a little wild on the edge , but you don’t ever go 1:54:00:00 without discipline in training…….


He can definitely still swim the 100 at 36 look at Henrique Martins from Brazil.

B Swim

I love Michael Phelps but I’m glad he retired on top. Besides 200 fly, all of his events that he won in Rio are won by Americans now.


He’s not gonna win 2fly against Milak, Le Clos, and Kenderesi/Sakai though. Best bet is let the new come up, because Conger is a few steps away from 1:53, Kalisz is going to hit it soon too.
The new stars are on the come up.
Dressel 50,100 fr/fly, 200fr relay
Kalisz 200/400 IM 200 fly
Haas 100/200/400fr
Conger 100/200 fly/fr
No room for Phelps on the decline. He raced for the W in his comeback and he can’t hit the times necessary for that in the next year bc he’ll be rebuilding, and the year after he’s only gonna be older.

The 200 IM maybe but it’ll be him, Lochte, Prenot, all racing for the second spot behind Chase.


You don’t think that Phelps could still go 1:54 if he focused on ONLY the 200IM? I really, really disagree. If he went to Trials to swim only one event, and in Tokyo only had prelims/semis/finals of 200IM, instead of having the 12 swims he did in Rio, he would find a way to do something special. I have a feeling Lochte will be in tough to qualify for Tokyo. He’s only beaten Phelps head to head ONCE in the event, and even without Phelps, DeVine and Prenot are putting up times nearly as fast as Lochte went in 2014-2016.

crooked donald

Why on earth would Phelps, after all the accolades, put in three years of heavy training to just swim the 200 IM? To show he can win old? Second, you’re wrong about their head to heads. Lochte beat him at 2009 Worlds, 2011 Worlds, and 2012 Olympic Trials. At London, Lochte was coming off a 200 back final before the 200 IM. One reason Lochte didn’t beat him more times was that Phelps scratched the 200 IM at 2010 Pan Pacs (Lochte went 1:54) and didn’t swim Worlds in 2013 or 2015.


Phelps didn’t swim 200 IM at 2009 Worlds. Phelps beat Lochte by .09 at 2012 OTs. Otherwise, I agree with you, no need for Phelps to come back. Maybe Spitz or Schollander.


Where are you getting your stats on Phelps/Lochte head to heads in 200IM? Phelps didn’t compete in 200 IM at worlds in ’09, and won Olympic Trials in 2012 against Lochte. The only time I remember Lochte winning was 2011 World Champs where he set the WR (and Phelps did a carrier best time). For the record I bet if Phelps ever came back I think he’d include 100 fly in his schedule. Big if tho. I find it hard to believe he’d come back to swim relays and potentially be just another athlete in one of his core events (100/200 fly, 200 IM). But I’d love to be wrong! …and yes under the right circumstances Phelps could probably go… Read more »



Go look at results – Phelps didn’t swim 200IM at 2009 Worlds. Phelps also beat Lochte at 2012 Olympic Trials.

And given that Phelps is 4-0 against Lochte at the Olympics, I’d be willing to bet that those races that never happened would have resulted in more Phelps wins, not Lochte wins.

crooked donald

You guys are right. Phelps only came out to play on Olympic years. Who holds the WR again though?


The guy that could never beat Phelps at the Olympics.


You are flaming here CROOKED DONALD. Just pull up stakes and move on.


Locthe beat phelps at the 2007 SCY nationals 200 IM. (1:40) 2010 pan pac trials in the 200 IM (1:54) , and the 2011 world champs where he set the world record. (1:54)


Phelps can beat Le Clos anytime.


Conger? Lol!
Lochte? Double lol!

But nevertheless, why should MP come back? He achieved everything a swimmer can. He is ready to have a life outside the pool with his family. There is so much more on this planet than the black line on the bottom of a pool.


Wait a few months and u will see Lochte again in solid shape ….u heard it here first lol


I beg to disagree. Lochte obviously could no longer handle the demanding training regimen of Troy Gregg and left for MAC where he was apparently allowed to flirt with a lot of technique work, speed work, and even focusing on improving his diet and getting better sleep routines … this from a guy who ate all meals at McDonalds at the Beijing Olympics and who was widely recognized as one incredibly hard working guy with god-given feel for the water … Hard not to conclude that he simply is not willing to endure all the incredibly hard work that is required, but at the same time, swimming probably is his best avenue as far as earning a good living. Tough… Read more »


Conger split 1:45.37 here.. Phelps was 1:45.26 in rio


1:45.2 after a 200 fly


Won’t be Lochte. I honestly believe he’s done. Did he even medal in the 200IM in Rio? That was the clue.

Ice age swimmer

He had terrible grown injury since Olympic trials- wrecked his breaststroke leg.


Wait people actually believed that?


Phelps swam a 1:53.3 200 fly with age grouper level turns. IF he had normal ones he would be in the 1:52s. I don’t know if he should focus for that. But Phelps swam 50.45 100 fly .8 RT and a long turn. If he focused more on the 100 he would need his 200 fly training to swim fast in the 100. Even then I don’t know if he can beat Dressel, who has a crazy advantage in RT compared to Phelps’ somewhat dull starts.

Michael j. Mooney

Never reached his peak in 200 free. Still think he could be #1 in world in Tokyo. 200 free and both relays. He will do it!!


IMHO it might be worth attempting a comeback to TRY to win a 5th consecutive gold medal in the 4×200 (only 5 people have won 5 or more team gold medals in the same event, none in swimming) and 200 IM (nobody has won the same individual event 5 times in any sport) because doing so would be historic. I realize he could also try for a 5th consecutive gold in the 4×100 medley, but I think that even if he could swim as fast as he did in 2016 he would be less able to recovery quickly from his swims, so doing both the 200 IM and 100 fly on consecutive nights sounds like a bad idea if your… Read more »

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