Chase Kalisz on 400 IM: “Lots of Improvements I Can Make”


400 IM Champion Chase Kalisz posted a 4:05.90 to win big tonight, becoming the 3rd-best performer in history. Only two names sit ahead of him– Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. That’s a pretty legendary duo up top, but Kalisz could be the person to break up that magic. In a post-race interview tonight, he said that he has more to work on.

“I feel good. It’s three years down the road. Everything kind a one big step year by year. I think I made a good step forward this year and made good progress, but I have a million things to work on. Certainly it wasn’t a race what was technically perfect for me. I swam great, but I think there are lots of improvements I can make. I will take a little bit of time off after this. I’m in a good period now and I’m more focused and more motivated than ever.”

Kalisz is certainly hitting his stride, and he’s been swimming the best he ever has. The way he looked this meet, and taking into account his quote from tonight and his dedication to getting better in the coming years, that 4:03.84 WR from Phelps is looking more and more attainable for him.

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5 years ago

I honestly doubt he can get there. 400 IM is a young man’s game and he’s 23 which is the age that Phelps was when he went 4:03

Hash-Slinging Slasher
Reply to  Dave
5 years ago

Ryan Lochte’s 4:05 was at 28. Age is just a number!

5 years ago

I really like him. He often provides thoughtful varied responses instead of robotic proud to represent your country stuff.

jay ryan
5 years ago

The title is a quote form Yoda, “Lots of of improvements I can make” Hmmmmm?

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