Rose Bowl Aquatics Chops 6 Seconds Off NAG Record in 15-16 800 Yard Free Relay

At the team’s intrasquad meet, Rose Bowl Aquatics shattered a National Age Group Record in the 15-16 800 yard freestyle relay, coming in over 6 seconds under the previous mark. 

The team of Ronald Dalmacio, William Kim, Zach Larrick, and Rex Maurer combined for a time of 6:30.45, undercutting the mark of 6:36.61 that was set by the TAC Titans in 2020. 

Splits Comparison: 

Ronald Dalmacio – 1:39.32
Michael Cotter – 1:37.18
William Kim – 1:37.99
Lance Norris – 1:39.99
Zach Larrick – 1:36.79
David Greeley – 1:41.65
Rex Maurer – 1:36.35
Braeden Haughey – 1:37.79
6:30.45 6:36.61

Although Dalmacio was slightly slower than TAC’s Cotter on the lead-off leg, the rest of the relay was much faster overall. The biggest difference between the two teams came on the middle legs, where Kim and Larrick posted splits that combined to be 7 seconds faster than Norris and Greeley’s. Larrick’s split was over 2 seconds faster than his best time, which currently stands at 1:38.73. 

Notably, all of the relay team members, with the exception of Dalmacio, also swim for Loyola High School, which is currently in the middle of the California High School swim season.


Rose Bowl Aquatics 15-16 800 Freestyle Relay NAG. Swimmers left to right: Rex Maurer, Ronald Dalmacio, Zach Larrick, William Kim. Credit Jeff Julian

Rose Bowl also earned a NAG record in the 17-18 400 mixed medley relay. The team of Tommy Park, Chris O’Grady, Alex Syrkin, and Emily Xu swam to a final time of 3:30.15, just dipping under the NAG record of 3:30.21 that was set by the Aquatic Team Of Mecklenburg in 2020. 

Splits Comparison:

Tommy Park – 49.88
Garrett Boone – 49.22
Chris O’Grady – 54.35
Jack Meehan – 57.22
Alex Syrkin – 54.96
Liza Whitmire – 54.92
Emily Xu – 50.96
Lindsay Flynn – 48.71
3:30.15 3:30.21

O’Grady’s breaststroke split was the clear difference-maker for Rose Bowl, splitting almost 3 seconds faster than Meehan did on the ATOM relay.

Rose Bowl Aquatics 17-18 400 Mixed Medley Relay NAG Record. Swimmers from left to right: Emily Xu, Alex Syrkin, Chris O’Grady, Tommy Park. Credit Jeff Julian

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1 year ago

Is Rex Maurer a brother of Luke Maurer at Stanford, son of Lea and Erik Maurer?

Reply to  tnp101
1 year ago

Yes I had a season against Rex and Luke in HS when they were living here in IL last year loved getting to know them.

Foreign Embassy
1 year ago

Would love to see two or more of these guys commit to Cal next year. Keep up the Rose Bowl to Cal pipeline 👏🏽

Paying Tin Quotes
1 year ago

Nice try Tommy with the tippy toes!

Fat Panda
1 year ago

LET’S GO!!!!

daeleb cressel
1 year ago


Lisa Schaffer
1 year ago

Whoa! That’s incredible. Congrats!!! Nice anchor… way to go Rex! We still miss you up here at PASA. ❤️

1 year ago

Yeah Rex let’s go dude love to see it.

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