Pinheiros Win a Tight Battle With Minas to Take the Maria Lenk Trophy

The Maria Lenk Trophy concluded this evening with an incredibly tight finish between the Pinheiros and Minas for the team title. The Pinheiros claimed victory with 2,138 points followed by Minas who collected 2,133 points. The remainder of the top five included Corinthians (1,732), Unisanta (1,215.5) and Sesi-SP (954.5)

Women’s 100 freestyle

Larissa Oliveria took the 100 freestyle in a time of 55.11. Oliveria won the 200 freestyle earlier in the competition winning in a time of 1:58.53 setting a new South American record and improving on her previous best in the event by over a second. Because of that fact there were higher expectations for her in the 100 freestyle as she currently holds the South American record in the event having posted a 54.61 in December.

Daynara De Paula collected a silver along with a spot on the 4 x 100 freestyle team at the World Championships. silver in 55.34 and a slot in Brazil. Manuella Lyrio finished third in a time of 55.55.

Men’s 100 freestyle

Matheus Santana won the men’s 100 freestyle in a time of 48.78. Santana took the event in thrilling fashion as he turned sixth at the halfway point in a time of 23.78. It was until the final 25 meters that Santana made his move on Cesar Cielo, Marcelo Chierighini and Joao DeLucca, swiftly passing all three.
With his winning time Santana earns a place in the individual 100 freestyle at the World Championships in Kazan.
Cielo finished the race in a time of 48.97 and for the first time since 2005 did not win an individual gold at the Maria Lenk Troply.
DeLucca took the bronze in a time of 49.15. Nicolas Oliveira finished fourth in a time of 49.21 followed by Chierighini who hit the wall in a time of 49.30. Although Chierighini finished fifth he will be the fourth member of the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay based on his time at the 49.07 which he posted at the Brazilian Open Championships in December.

Women’s 50 breaststroke

The youngest woman in the field Jhennifer Da Conceicao took the women’s 50 breaststroke in a time of 31.61. Da Conceicao made up for a bad start and was able to finish ahead of Ana Carla Carvalho who won the silver in a time of 31.92.

Julia Sebastian was not able to finish off the sweep of the women’s breaststroke events collected the bronze in a time of 31.99.

Men’s 50 breaststroke

Felipe Franca da Silva led the race from the start winning the event in a time of 27.07 which ranks second in the world with only world record holder Adam Peaty having swum faster.

2014-2015 LCM Men 50 Breast

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Felipe Lima finished second in a time of 27.39 followed by Raphael Rodrigues who took the bronze in a time of 27.69.

Women’s 200 backstroke

At the 150 meter mark it was a tight race between Joanna Maranhao and Andrea Berrino, but after that point Maranhao left Berrino in her winning the event in a time of 2:12.47. Berrino finished second in a time of 2:15.79 followed by Natalia De Luccas who touched in a time of 2:17.26.

Men’s 200 backstroke

Fernando Ernesto Dos Santos led the way at the 150 meter point, but was than past quickly by teammate Leonardo De Deus who won the race in a time of 1:58.89. Fabio Santi finished a distant second touching in a time of 2:01.27 followed by Nathan Biguetti who hit the wall in a time of 2:01.43. Biguetti has already qualified to swim the race at the Junior World Championships this summer.

Women’s 4 x 100 medley relay

Etiene Medeiros opened up a lead for SESI in the women’s relay posting a time of 1:01.07. SESI would eventually take the event in a time of 3:06.88 followed by the Pinheiros (3:08.36) and Minas (3:09.93).

Men’s 4 x 100 medley relay

Heading into the final event of the competition the Pinheiros had a 15.5 point lead over Minas. For Minas to win the championship trophy they need to take the event and have the Pinheiros finish third or worse.

Guiherme Guido led the way for Pinheiros posting a 54.16 followed by Thiago Pereira who hit the wall in a time of 54.81. Felipe Lima then put the Minas ahead splitting a 59.98. Heading into the final 100 meters Minas had a lead of 51 one-hundredths of a second. Joao De Lucca did his best to catch Cesar Cielo, splitting a time of 47.85. Cielo maintained the lead finishing with a split of 48.09 and leading the relay to a winning time of 3:35.20. Pinheiros finished second in a time of 3:35.47 followed by the Corinthians who finished third in a time of 3:38.68.

Top Performances of the meet:

Men: Felipe França for his 27.07 in the 50 breaststroke

Women: Etiene Medeiros for her 27.38 in the 50 backstroke.

Top Performers of the meet:

Men:Leonardo De Deus, 193points.

Women:Larissa Oliveira, 105 points.

Full results can be found here

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6 years ago

Please forgive me if my information is incorrect, but I understood that Fratus had the #1 Kazan qualification times in both the 50/100 free, and that Cielo had the #2 times in those events. I believe Cielo’s 100 free qualifying time (from the Open in December) was 48.58. This article states that Santana earned an individual 100 free qualification with his winning time of 48.78; did he earn this spot because Cielo has declined to swim the 100 free?

Also, if I’m piecing things together correctly, Fratus, Cielo, Santana and Cherighini have the top 4 relay slots for Brazil, with perhaps De Lucca and Oliveira as alternates (I guess that may not yet be decided).

Lastly, am I correct in… Read more »

Reply to  Danjohnrob
6 years ago

you are right.Santana earned because Cielo is not swimming individual, and probably Chieriguini too, because I doubt Fratus is going for individual 100free.
-Yes, Dos Santos and Cielo earned fly slots.22.90 and 22.91(from Open), respectively.

Don’t worry about CBDA confusing will get worse.Kazan will be the first trial for Olympics qualification.

6 years ago

Some points about Maria Lenk Trophy.
The Good:
-Youngsters(like Brandonn Almeida) are improving and the new generation of girls are crazy fast compared with one generation ago.No, they are not going to be a medal threat for any big country(USA,Australia…), but the new generation is leapfrogging the old one at naked eye (Example, girls 200free14y:From 207,to 2:05,to2:04,to2:03 and now to 2:01.44).
-Medeiros and De Deus are two GREAT small wonders.She is 5-6 and he is 5-8.I will always wonder what 3 inches more could do for them.
-Finally a women relay capable to be under 8min in 4x200free and 3:40 are assembled(No.They will not go much beyond that.)

The Bad:
-A shock of reality for… Read more »

Reply to  DDias
6 years ago

Thanks, DDias! This is my first year following the global qualification process for Worlds so I can be ready to win SwimSwam’s “Rio Predictions Contest” next year! 😉
It has been an eye-opening process, as each country has their own methods, but national strengths/weaknesses are becoming clear. I keep asking about Brazilian male sprinters because they seem to be the cream of the crop, generally speaking.

I wouldn’t be too hard on Santana! This year will be an important learning opportunity for him. I think the fact that he is closing his 100 so well is a really good sign! He may have to get a little leaner before Rio, but developing muscle takes longer than losing fat.… Read more »

6 years ago

DDIAS – do we know how tapered Santana was? Maybe with the new bulk/weights regimen he wasn’t completely rested enough. Afterall as well all know how much weights take out of you.

6 years ago

In principle, besides Cielo and Fratus, everyone is tapered.Of course, I don’t know if being capable to be top5/6(enough for PanAms Games) without a full taper have an influence.Being diabetic, Santana needs to watch out about intense weight training.

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Jeff Grace

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