Olympic Games Medal Payouts Per Nation Compared

We recently reported how Hong Kong individual gold medalists at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo will be given a payout of HK $5 million (~$644,000 USD), an increase of over 66% from the amount offered at the 2016 Games in Rio.

This led us to take a look as to other nations’ medal bonuses paid by Olympic Committees to be given to those Summer Olympic Games athletes who work their way onto the podium in Tokyo, keeping in mind that these OC-paid medal payments aren’t the only way Olympic athletes are funded.

The United Kingdom, for example, does not offer specific medal bonuses but rather devotes approximately $162 million USD of government and lottery funds to Olympic and Paralympic sports each year. (Money Under 30)

Olympic sports such as badminton, basketball and surfing, which do not receive elite funding by UK Sport, are able to apply for up to £500,000 of financial help from a new “aspiration fund” set up by the government. (The Guardian)

Another example is monetary benefits bestowed upon members of the United States’ national swimming team, including tiered monthly stipends depending on pro, NCAA or high school status.

Bottom line, medal payments are just one reward for the physical, mental and financial sacrifices made by athletes around the world whose dream is to hear their anthem played in front of the biggest sporting audience.

Olympic Medal Rewards per Nation as of 2019

Country Gold Silver Bronze
Singapore 1,000,000 USD 500,000 USD 250,000 USD
Indonesia 746,000 USD 378,000 USD 188,000 USD
Kazakhstan 250,000 USD 150,000 USD 75,000 USD
Azerbaijan 248,000 USD 124,000 USD 62,000 USD
Italy 166,000 USD 83,000 USD 55,000 USD
Hungary 125,000 USD 89,000 USD 71,000 USD
Russia 61,000 USD 38,000 USD 26,000 USD
France 55,000 USD 22,000 USD 14,000 USD
USA 37,500 USD 22,500 USD 15,000 USD
South Africa 37,000 USD 19,000 USD 7,000 USD
Germany 22,000 USD 17,000 USD 11,000 USD
Canada 15,000 USD 11,000 USD 8,000 USD
Australia 13,800 USD 10,350 USD 6900 USD

Some data courtesy of Money Under 30.

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1 year ago

Wow, what a gargantuan disparity between Australia’s payout and Singapore’s.

Reply to  BairnOwl
1 year ago

The disparity in medals is commensurate. Singapore Golds: 1. Australia Golds by Ian Thorpe: 5.

Reply to  Barry
1 year ago

True, but if you look at the medals Australia won at Rio it doesn’t amount to a lot of money for a country of Australia’s wealth. The prize money is pretty poor really.

1 year ago

dictatorships pay really well, like Hungary…

Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

Had to look this up haha

Reply to  Scoobysnak
1 year ago

I couldn’t resist

Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

Ye manipulating people through state run propaganda and being one of the most corrupt leader is totally right!!!

Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

I don’t think buying votes and cheating in all his elections counts as democratic, but you don’t bother with the facts anyway. And throwing around terms like EU in this context is even more embarrassing.

Silent Observer
1 year ago

This is intersting… Def when you then start to compare the actual meal counts per country.

The countries who are usually at the top of the leader boards are lowest on the list…

Which could mean that after an Olympics, the money dished out for the rewards are higher than the ones offering more per medal, because they spread the wealth among more individuals.

Would be interesting to see the total money rewarded after an Olympics compared, as well.

Reply to  Silent Observer
1 year ago

kind of…. some countries spend on raising the athletes, some spend money on paying for their medals.
Hungary does both. Olympic medalists get life time pension in Hungary from age 35 based on the number of medals. Not only the athlete but their coaches too get the same amount, not necessarily who coached them but whom they name.

Reply to  Silent Observer
1 year ago

Well, Hungary is top 10 all-time on the Olympic medal board, top 8 counting only Gold medals and Nr. 2 on the world on the Olympic Gold per capita list. So there’s that.

Reply to  Attis76
1 year ago

Hungary is not #2 in the world in Olympic gold per capita.

Liechtenstein, population ~39,000, has won 2. That’s 1 gold medal per every ~19,500
Norway, population ~5.3 million, has won 188. That’s 1 gold medal for every ~28,000
Finland, population 5.5 million, has won 144 gold medals. That’s 1 gold medal per every ~38,000
Sweden, population ~10.1 million, has won 202. That’s 1 gold medal per every ~50,000
Hungary, population ~9.7 million, has won 176. That’s 1 gold medal per every ~55,000

So, Hungary is ranked 5th in that category. Maybe you saw the stat before Pyeongchang? The vast majority of Hungary’s medals have come at the Summer Olympics, whereas the countries ahead of them… Read more »

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

Hungary doesn’t have much for the winter Olympics with the lack of mountains and skiing so “the” Olympics in Hungary is the summer event

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