North Carolina Shortens, Delays High School Swim Season By 4 Weeks

North Carolina has released an amended calendar for high school sports, including a delaying and shortening the swimming season by about a month.

Many states have adjusted fall sports already. But North Carolina has now adjusted winter sports – including swimming & diving – amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) released the amended calendar this week. The organization says that “there is still much work to be done in regard to playoff formats,” among other things. The current calendar has no plan for a swimming postseason, only a date for final competitions.

The state also says the calendar is “dependent upon COVID-19 conditions improving across NC.”

The full calendar says swimming programs will be limited to 10 meets across a 10-week season running from November 23 to January 30.

Last year, swimming was a 14-week season in North Carolina, running from October 30 to February 8. The new calendar effectively cuts three weeks off the front of the season and one week off the end of the season, presuming a state event isn’t later added.

At last year’s North Carolina State 4A meet, standout Claire Curzan broke the national high school record in the 100 fly. Curzan will be a junior this season.

The announcement adjusts winter sports, less than a month after the state postponed fall sports.

You can see our index of state-by-state decisions to adjust high school sports amid the pandemic by following this link.

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