Ned Skinner Resigns as Virginia Tech Head Coach

Virginia Tech head coach Ned Skinner has resigned from his position, Virginia Tech Director of Athletics Whit Babcock announced on Monday. Sarah Stockwell-Gregson will serve as interim head coach while a search for Skinner’s replacement is underway.

“I want to thank Coach Skinner for his contributions during his 20 seasons of service to Virginia Tech,” Babcock said. “Now we are tasked with finding the right individual to lead our swimming and diving program going forward. We will make no further comments regarding our swimming and diving program until we announce our new head coach.”

That ends a 20-year career for Skinner at Virginia Tech, who was twice named ACC Men’s Coach of the Year (2012, 2014). That included leading the Virginia Tech men to their first ACC title in 2014, and winning 3 Atlantic 10 Championships (women – 1999/2000; men – 2000).

The Virginia Tech men placed 33rd with 9 points from diver Ben Schiesl on the men’s 1-meter; while the women also placed 33rd with 14 points – all from swimmers. For both teams, that was their lowest finish at NCAAs since the 2008-2009 season.

‘“I’m proud of the way our student-athletes represented Virginia Tech over the years, as well as the way they performed academically and athletically.” Skinner said. “I appreciate all the efforts of our student-athletes, as well as our dedicated coaches and support staff. After 20 seasons, I simply felt the time was right for a new leader to take over the direction of the program.”

No announcement has been made about the long-term future of the staff, though all assistants remain listed on the team’s website.

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Nothing against the man, but Braden Holloway’s departure several years ago set this in motion. The recruiting never recovered…


Josh Huger has done a kick ass job with recruiting once he joined the staff. I hope he stays!


Josh is incredible! Hopefully, his efforts will be appreciated.

Heard it here first

I think all you need to know about Josh and how he’s viewed by the athletic department is look at who they named interim head coach.

Nothing against Josh but if the athletic department/team agreed with you he might be in a different situation.

You know nothing

Josh, as well as all of the assistants, are very well respected by the department, the team, their peers, parents, and each other. Sarah is the lead assistant and has been there the longest- clearly making her the logical choice for interim.


From an administrative standpoint, of course they would put the assistant of 7 years for interim head coach. It has nothing to do with Josh’s abilities as a coach or the department’s view on his abilities.
His success in recruiting and development of the sprint program speaks louder than a temporary position.


What sprint program?


The sprint program that had only one male under :20 in the 50 free last year, and now has four males under this year. The sprint program that placed second in the 200 medley relay at the 2018 Women’s ACC Championships…to name a few. Looks like Huger had to start from the ground up with VT’s sprint program, and look where he has gotten them now.


I think that’s far from “all you need to know.” SSG has seniority over the rest of the staff, as she has been in Blacksburg for many years. On the other hand, Huger has only been there for three (I think). SSG is the logical choice in this situation!


Sarah has been there longer than Josh and was the Senior Assistant. It is simply logical to appoint her while they look for a new Coach. I doubt it was really anything that personal.


Another big time coaching gig just opened up. VA Tech has the potential to become one of the premier teams in the ACC if they can capitalize on high profile recruiting in the talent rich state of Virginia.


DeSorbo will never allow that to happen. It’s his state now.


VT has held the Commonwealth Cup for 4888 days, clearly not “his” state! #GOKIES


From the look of the current commits in the 2019 class, it looks like that’s had a significant bearing on their decison process. Advantage VT! Lol


Bring up football on a swimming board? Damn thats a reach.


Just keeping the conversation light lol, no disrespect to Desorbo when in fact VT should look at UVA and the great change that came with DeSorbo’s hire after Busch left. Change is good! Maybe the team needs a change and a breath of fresh air. Huger seemed to be doing just that! It’s not Desorbo’s state though, there is plenty of room
In the sandbox for lots of great VA coaches, Matt Crispino is one along with Josh Huger!


How many National Championships ever?


UVA’s trump card. every. single. time.


While I’m a big UVA fan and alum, UVA isn’t the place for everyone. The academics in particular are quite challenging and admission standards, even for athletes, are high. There is room for both schools to pull local talent.


What are the academic standards for a recruited scholarship swimmer to get in to UVA? Any idea on a profile ACT/SAT Top what % in class?


Only if you can convince DC area swimmers to go to Blacksburg. With UVA seemingly on the rise again, NC State pretty much as close to DC as VaTech, Texas and Stanford pulling big talent out of the area, heck even William and Mary with their run of success, it’s not like there’s high level talent just sitting around VA waiting for the Hokies to come knocking. I see Carolina as way more of a sleeping giant than VaTech.


For those specifically wanting to stay in-state for financial reasons especially if you are a boy there IS high level talent sitting in VA waiting for the Hokies to come knocking. Not too many options for in-state D1 swimming in VA. W&M, George Mason, not fully funded. No athletic scholarships. Am I wrong here? Richmond, Liberty, JMU, no men’s team. That leaves UVA and VT for the most part – not many options. Even as a female the draw VT brings with a visit to Lane Stadium on a recruiting trip takes the cake I would think.


“Even as a female the draw VT brings with a visit to Lane Stadium on a recruiting trip takes the cake I would think.”

What the heck does that mean???? What garbage.


Not garbage when you are trying to sell your University as a whole and wow recruits especially those in-state ones because there is no comparison. Clearly you aren’t a football fan. There are more division one opportunities for female swimmers in VA.


Umm…. as an alum of a B1G powerhouse, I’d consider myself more than a casual fan of football and the gameday experience – it’s a big sell to a recruit of either sex. I was referring to the “even as a female” part – that’s hot misogynistic garbage.


Dont think you understood the OP – seems to be meant for in-state available offerings for male or female in the the state of Virginia in general. There are clearly more in-state division one offerings for females in VA. That’s just facts. Financially, if you want to stay in-state and want the big football school and solid swimming school VT is hard to beat for ANY swimmer from a recruiting stand point. The female comment was stated as a bonus for yet another additional opportunity in regards to the males lack there of. Someone brought up Norfolk and VMI which were left off the OP and they are correct.


What you all are missing here is that you’re assuming that there are only 2 genders. Wildly offensive assumptions.


ODU is D1 and has a men’s team but wouldn’t compete for the same kind of talent Tech is pulling. Not sure about their funding either. VMI is also D1 with a men’s team but isn’t very competitive at all even in the American East conference.

d2 dood


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