NC State Commit Kylee Alons Drops 5:26 500 Backstroke at HS Meet

While swimming a 500 at a dual meet is a burden for many high school swimmers, NC State commit Kylee Alons embraced the situation and swam it backstroke in late November (the swim was confirmed to SwimSwam by her coach, Carolyn Fries).

She won the event in 5:26.96, touching about 17 seconds ahead of the second-place swimmer, teammate Summer Siverts.

“I had entered her in that race because we had a hole there, and she asked if she could swim it backstroke,” Fries told SwimSwam. “She said she wanted to get ready for her 200 this weekend at Juniors.”

Alons is a senior at Fossil Ridge High School, and swims club for the Fort Collins Area Swim Team. She was the Colorado 5A State Champ in the 50 and 100 free last season, and won the 50 and 100 free, as well at the 100 back (53.44) at Speedo Sectioals in March of this year. Her personal bests in the 50 and 100 free are 22.57 and 49.50.

Check out her splits below, and click here to see the full meet results.

Alons’ 5:26.96 500 back splits:

27.94 / 31.65 / 32.28 / 33.64 / 33.74 / 33.37 / 33.55 / 33.83 / 34.09 / 32.8

Alons is currently competing at the West 2017 Speedo Winter Junior Championships, where she anchored her 200 medley relay to a new NAG record in a blazing 21.75, for total time of 1:37.65 (25.26/27.08/23.56/21.75).

Her other best times include:

  • 200 back – 1:55.81
  • 100 fly – 53.18
  • 200 free – 1:48.44
  • 200 IM – 2:02.33

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I wonder how the other swimmers felt losing by a lot to someone swimming backstroke.

Also, I thought you could swim any stroke for a freestyle event as long as you swim the same stroke throughout the event. I didn’t think you’re allowed to start in the water for a freestyle event (for a backstroke start), and if she went off the block, that wouldn’t be backstroke. What am I missing?


what makes you think she went off the blocks?


I never said she went off the blocks. I just said I don’t think she’d be allowed to start in the water, and if she did go off the blocks, I thought it was illegal to do it then flip over and swim backstroke.

Tammy Touchpad Error

Based off the splits, it looks like she started off a block. 27.9 all the way to a 31.6 seems anamalous. You usually see around 2 seconds in freestyle or backstroke from the first to second 50 in most distances


maybe she did a back dive off the blocks.
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Without breaking out the rule book, I don’t think so. Freestyle literally means that – a free stroke, so you can do anything as long as it doesn’t break another rule e.g. more than 15 underwater or pulling on the lane line. The stroke restriction only applies to Medley, because Medley is supposed to be 4 different styles, and thus you’re not allowed to repeat fly, back, or breast during the freestyle portion.

I don’t know if you’re allowed to start in the water though…


Little kids who can’t do starts yet start in the water all the time. I don’t think it’s a rule that you have to start on the blocks for anything; it’s just faster so everyone does it.

No nothing

She would have to do a forward start whether she started on the block, the wall, or in the water. She could then roll to her back and swim the race backstroke.


In high school rules you can start in the water for any stroke. You also can literally swim any stroke as long as you surface by the 15m mark and touch the wall at turns (someone could swim the whole thing corkscrew if they wanted to).


The only rule for freestyle is it has to be a forward start, so I’m assuming it was from a dive. You can change strokes whenever you want, even in the middle of a 25.

Also, her opening 50 was a 27 and then she immediately jumped up to 31 on the second 50, so I think there had to have been a dive involved, unless her idea of preparing for her 200 at juniors was to go all out the first 50 and then die.


When I was competing, I swam backstroke in a 100m Freestyle race at State for similar reasons. I checked with the officials prior and I had to start on the blocks. I just turned over onto my back during my streamline. The time stood as a Freestyle time but I used it as race practice for a 100 Back.


Ayo I heard Joe Schooling went 5:24


Consider he went a 46 in a 100 yard back in December, I’d sure as hell hope he could go a 5:24…

Bon Jovi

it’s actually called a joke


Duh. I know that! But part of the joke is that the time that Joe would supposedly be swimming in whatever event at practice is unworldly and downright impossible to be achieved at either a meet or a get-out swim, which adds to a large part of the satire. You missed my point, but no worries, it’s all good.


a prerequisite for a joke is that it’s actually funny



crooked donald

And he said it felt “monotonous.”


stale meme

ACC fan

That’s legit!

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