McTernan Adds 2 More Golds at Australian Age Championships

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April 21st, 2019 Australia, International, News


  • Mon. April 15 – Mon. April 22, 2019 (Sunday/Monday Multiclass Timed Finals)
  • Mon.-Sat. Heats 9 AM / Finals 6 PM (Local Time)
  • Multiclass Timed Finals 4 PM Sat., 10 AM/4 PM Sun.-Mon.
  • SA Aquatic & Leisure Center, Oaklands Park South Australia
  • LCM (50-meter course)
  • Meet site
  • Live results

Courtesy: Swimming Australia

St Hilda’s Madeleine McTernan (S14) continues to dominate the 2019 Hancock Prospecting Australian Age Swimming Championships, claiming two more gold medals on Sunday afternoon – taking her tally to four in total.

After taking home the top honor in the Girls’ 17-18-year 100m Freestyle Multi-Class this morning, the rising star backed it up in the afternoon to also earn the national age title in the Girls’ 17-18-year 50m Butterfly and, just 45-minutes later, the Girls’ 17-18-year 50m Backstroke.

A member of this year’s World Para Championship team which will compete in London in September, the 18-year-old clocked 32.98 in the 50m butterfly to beat out Southport Olympic’s Kiandra Cumberland (S14) (33.81) and Victoria Jessamine (S14) from Revesby Workers (34.02).

In her second event of the night, she hopped back in the pool and also came out on top against Jessamine who took the silver spoils and lane three’s Tahlia Blanshard (S9) from Woy Woy.

Col Pearse (S10) from Melbourne H20 is also having a tremendous meet after recording his fourth gold medal of the tournament. Claiming titles across four strokes – butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke – the emerging athlete is having a breakout meet. In his final event of the night – the Boys’ 15-16-year 100m Butterfly Multi-Class, Pearse beat out Jet Jankiewicz (S10) from The Hobart Aquatic and Noah Robinson (S9) from TSS Aquatics.

Alexander Tuckfield (S9) from SLC Aquadot captured his third medal of the competition on Sunday afternoon after prevailing in the Boys’ 11-14-year 100m Backstroke Multi-Class. His Central Cairns counterpart Joel Mundie (S7) powered home to score silver while Revesby Workers’ athlete Lachlan Hanratty (S14) claimed the bronze – to nab his second medal of the day.

Wollongong’s Jarrod Dyer (S14) took home the gold medal in the 17-18-year 50m Butterfly Multi-Class event. Notching up his second title, Dyer finished ahead of SOPAC’s Oscar Stubbs (S13) and Uni of Queensland’s Bailey Stewart (S14).

With a time of 1:15.71 equaling a point score of 1198, UWA West Coast athlete Ella Hodgson (S16) has beaten her opponents to nab the national age title in the Girls’ 11-14 100m Backstroke Multi-Class. The young talent showed her class across the course of the race to achieve gold in front of local Norwood swimmer Isabella Vincent (S7), who pinched second place on the podium with a time of 1:35.64 and point score of 588. Jasmin Fullgrabe (S9) from Clovercrest secured bronze with a time of 1:25.84 and point score of 490.

More results from this evening:
Girls’ 15-16-year 50m Freestyle Multi-Class
Gold – Poppy Wilson S10 (Woogaroo) in 31.69 – point score 644
Silver – Ava Sayyadi S10 (Hornsby) in 32.54 – point score 595
Bronze – Alicia Goodwin S8 (Brisbane Jets SC) in 36.66 – point score 533

Boys’ 15-16-year 50m Freestyle Multi-Class
Gold – Henry Reardon S10 (Toowoomba Grammar) in 26.80 – point score 645
Silver – Dylan Logan S15 (Geelong) in 26.30 – point score 584
Bronze – Morgan Jean S14 (Wauchope) in 28.02 – point score 576

Boys’ 17-18-year 50m Backstroke Multi-Class
Gold – Oscar Stubbs S13 (SOPAC) in 30.16 – point score 563
Silver – Bailey Stewart S14 (Uni of Queensland) in 33.33 – point score 562
Bronze – Jarrod Dyer S14 (Wollongong) in 33.60 – point score 549

Girls’ 11-14-year 50m Breaststroke Multi-Class
Gold – Ella Hodgson SB16 (UWA West Coast) in 43.72– point score 623
Silver – Mercedes Siganto SB9 (Waterworx) in 38.32 – point score 577
Bronze – Sarah McIntosh SB14 (Laurieton) in 40.48– point score 467

Boys’ 11-14-year 50m Breaststroke Multi-Class
Gold – Lachlan Hanratty SB14 (Revesby Workers) in 36.36 – point score 496
Silver – Nicholas Toia SB16 (PLC Sydney) in 40.07 – point score 487
Bronze – Aiden Grigg SB14 (Starplex) in 39.94– point score 374

Girls’ 15-16-year 100m Butterfly Multi-Class
Gold – Poppy Wilson S10 (Woogaroo) in 1:19.29 – point score 492
Silver – Ava Sayyadi S10 (Hornsby) in 1:24.91 – point score 401
Bronze – Alicia Goodwin S8 (Brisbane Jets SC) in 1:32.67 – point score 399

Girls’ 17-18-year 50m Breaststroke Multi-Class
Gold – Ruby Halliday SB7 (Melbourne Vicentre) in 49.75 – point score 473
Silver – Victoria Jessamine SB14 (Revesby Workers) in 41:11 – points score 446
Bronze – Madeleine McTernan SB14 (St Hildas, QLD) in 43.93 – point score 365

Boys’ 17-18-year 50m Breaststroke Multi-Class
Gold – Oscar Stubbs SB13 (SOPAC) in 33.45 – point score 599
Silver – Jarrod Dyer SB14 (Wollongong) in 36.73 – point score 481
Bronze – Bailey Stewart SB14 (University of QLD) in 37.83 – point score 440

To view results from this morning’s session, check out the wrap here.

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