Lower Bowl Tickets for 2020 US Olympic Trials Are Almost Sold Out Already

Tickets for the 2020 US Olympic Swimming Trials in Omaha, Nebraska are now on sale, and within 20 minutes of opening, all seats in the lower bowl of the arena were almost sold out.

As of posting, the only tickets available in the lower bowl are $530 all-session tickets at the turn end of the pool. Several hundred of those seats remain along with ample inventory in the 2nd level.

This anecdotally seems to be by-far the fastest opening-bell rush on tickets for American swimming’s crowned jewel since the event moved to Omaha. The event sold out for the first time ever in 2016, and is expected to do so again in 2020.

““Fans, whether they’re avid swimmers or not, understand the level of competition taking place in Omaha at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming,” US National Team Managing Director Lindsay Mintenko said on Monday. “This is the most competitive swimming Trials on the globe, with many of the sport’s top athletes. You can’t get any closer to these Olympians on home soil. This is where you want to be June 21-28, 2020.”

4-day ticket packages are expected to go on sale November 15th, if any are available, while daily and single-session tickets wouldn’t go on sale until February. At this point, it seems unlikely that there will be any tickets left for daily buyers, and perhaps not for 4-day packages either.

The CHI Health Arena (formerly CenturyLink Center) seats about 18,320 for a basketball game, though that capacity is reduced slightly for Trials because the pool deck is built over the first few rows of seating.

A certain portion of the lower-level seating is reserved for sponsors, athletes, and coaches. No exact figures are available, but a solid guesstimate is about 15 or 20% of the lower-bowl seating is unavailable to the general public.

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We had three of us trying to get tickets simultaneously for our group of four – we are all on ticketmaster way ahead of time and yet by the time we had access to tickets all of the lower level tickets between the 10 and 40 meter marks were gone aside from victory row. We ended up getting front row tickets in the upper level – not bad at all but certainly not what we were hoping for, given all the research and time we put into it.


same thing happened to me. I got section 108 which puts me at the turn end probably around the backstroke flags. I hesitated and couldn’t decide whether to go up high or down low. Went for the low ones I think about 12 rows up.


Those are good seats – I sat about there in 2016


I hit the button at 10:00.01am and the best I could get was a row 14.. I’ll be quicker next time. 😊


I really think you’re better off. For a long course meet, higher is better. Obviously I don’t think it’s great to be in the nosebleeds but from personally being there in 2016 it’s best to have a full view of the entire pool and you just can’t get that being too close .

What would you consider nosebleeds?


Google “Olympic swimming trials” and click images and and it will show you lots of different views of the pool. that is the best way to get an idea of what it will look like from all different perspectives. To some degree is really personal preference .

On jah

i love swimming


How does this work for parents of swimmers who may not qualify until next spring/early summer? Are there tickets set aside/reserved for those people?


Nah man


no, but there will be plenty of tickets available from ticket brokers and prelim sessions especially can be had pretty inexpensively. In ’16, we went to watch a member of our club and I think I got prelim tickets for like $20 or $25. That session was maybe only half full, so it was easy to move around to another seat, too.


Our son qualified in 2016 in May, we were able to get tickets for his session on Stub Hub for a decent price


Last time around my swimmer qualified in the spring before trials. I bought five tickets single sessions I remember them being pretty pricey but they were at least available I have a feeling there’s quite a few scalpers out there that will be reselling some of these tickets . If you want to go bad enough and are willing to pay the price I’m sure you’ll be able to get a ticket. There were even tickets at the box office last Time even though everyone was saying it was sold out! I remember wanting to go see finals one night even though our swimmer wasn’t swimming because I wanted to see Phelps and Lochte and I was able to get… Read more »


Sometimes an LSC will buy a few rows of seats designated to give to swim parents it does happen.

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