Lilly King Wags Finger At Efimova In 100 Breast Semis


After Yuliya Efimova won the first semi-final of the 100 breast, she wagged her finger signalling “number one” as the heat winner. Not impressed by this gesture, Lilly King, watching while preparing for the second semi, mockingly waved her finger, as if to say ‘not so fast’.

King went onto win her semi in 1:05.70, 0.02 faster than Efimova’s 1:05.72 in the first semi. When question about her gesture post race by an NBC reporter, King responded “you wave your finger number one and you’ve been caught drug cheating…I’m not a fan”. 

Efimova has had two different doping infractions in her career, and was cleared to compete in Rio just yesterday.

That makes both King and 2012 gold medallist Ruta Meilutyte two of the people who have called out Efimova, as Meilutyte did so on twitter when Efimova was originally announced to compete. FINA’s decision on the matter went back and forth for a while.

The final sets up to be an emotional affair tomorrow night, with Efimova set to swim in lane 5 between King in 4 and Meilutyte in 6. Meilutyte doesn’t appear to be on her best form, qualifying 4th in 1:06.44, so King looks to have the best shot at Efimova in the final.

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Chips and COOKIES
4 years ago

I love this girl!! You go King!!

Reply to  Chips and COOKIES
4 years ago

More capable than Ruta to take down our queen.

Hint of Lime
4 years ago

Go King!! And Meili!

4 years ago

Sun Yang is now demanding an apology from Lilly King on behalf of fellow drug cheat Yulia Efimova. Says Yang, “She got caught doping twice and has proven herself to be clean now. Lilly did not treat Yulia with the respect that she deserves and we cannot tolerate that anymore in the spirit of the Olympics.”

Reply to  Marie
4 years ago

I am a huge fan of King, Lilly is a great champion with a bright future. She is better than mimicking another athletes showboat gesture and then commenting about her being a “cheater”. There are cameras everywhere and NBC loves controversy at the expense of naivety.

Reply to  Dawgpaddle
4 years ago

I agree 100% Beating her in the pool is the best answer…

attilly the silly
Reply to  Dawgpaddle
4 years ago

No this is the exact reason why people are still doping. Because no one says anything. What Mack and Lily have done is amazing. Clean athletes need to start speaking out against convicted dopers. Everyone should be speaking out against convicted dopers for that matter… I don’t understand the drug cheat sympathisers

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  attilly the silly
4 years ago

100% agreed with Attila!

Love your name by the way!

Attila the Hunt
Reply to  Attila the Hunt
4 years ago

Sorry it’s Attilly! 😀

Reply to  Dawgpaddle
4 years ago

Especially coming from someone who hasn’t accomplished anything on the Olympic stage yet.

Reply to  Cheatinvlad
4 years ago

I don’t think that has much to do with this. It’s about keeping the sport clean.

Reply to  Dawgpaddle
4 years ago

Good! Glad there are cameras everywhere. Not only is Efimova a cheater, she games the system. If the governing bodies won’t do anything the athletes need to step up if they really want a clean sport.

Reply to  Marie
4 years ago

Get caught doping one time and it should be a lifetime ban. FINA needs to grow a pair to keep athletics fair for everyone

Reply to  Joel
4 years ago

If thats the way you feel, then Phelps should be gone! No one booed him!

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