SwimSwam Pulse: 75% Pick Dressel’s 17.63 As Most Impressive of NCAAs

In a shocking runaway of votes, SwimSwam voters overwhelmingly picked Caeleb Dressel’s 17.63 in the 50 free as the most impressive swim of men’s NCAAs. That that swim won the poll isn’t a surprise, but the winning margin might be. More than three-quarters of votes went to Dressel’s 50 – in fact, that event tallied ten times more votes than any of the other four events on the ballot.


I Might Not Be The Best, But I’m The Most Fun

If you watched any of this year’s Winter Olympics, the name Adam Rippon probably sounds familiar.


6 Toxic Thoughts Every Swimmer Should Drop

Maximizing your potential in the pool is hard enough without having to deal with self-inflicted negativity. Here are 6 toxic thoughts every swimmer should drop.


6 Tips To Encourage Parent Volunteers

Swimming has more parent involvement than many other sports—especially if you have a team that relies on hosting meets for some of its budget.


Doing The Math For Open Water Swim Racing

Swimming technique to me is an equation. S= D+P+L+T . Swimming = Depth + Power + Length + Tempo.

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Open Water Swim Sighting – Technique, Drills & Tips To Swim Straight

Your nemeses . . . . the sun, the waves, buoys too far apart or dropped by the pack; what should you do?

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Reflections At The End Of A Swim Season

I arrived home from work on Monday ready to drive the swim team carpool. Only to remember – no carpool tonight. Since early September (almost without fail) I have driven three swimmers to the pool every Monday.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Building a Yoga Practice into Your Training Plan

When implementing a yoga practice it must fit seamlessly into the overall periodization of your program…

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DeSantis: SafeSport Needs ‘Absolute Transparency’

In the interest of Safe Sport, USA Swimming should adopt a system of transparency that includes publication of the ‘flagged’ list, the release of all complaints filed to USA Swimming, the publication of all internal communication related to the Safe Sport program and the end of all confidentiality agreements, says swim coach, blogger and outspoken critic of USA Swimming Chris DeSantis.


Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance, Part III

In parts one and two, I went over the basic idea of Posterior Oblique Sling (POS) exercise for swimmers. During the writing process, I found out, that it is not easy trying to explain new concepts in writing.


“We Built This City”

In life we will encounter thousands of people that we have a chance to impact, sometimes these will be direct and other times we may never know those we touched.

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Learning To Love Yourself

The sport of swimming has a tendency to expose your flaws. It’s a brutal and at times agonizing sport that can really take its toll on a person.


Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust, The Art Of A Swim Taper

Eddie Reese the coach of The University of Texas just won his fourteenth NCAA Swimming title. When I asked him how you know if the taper is going to work, he responded, “You as the coach must believe, and if you believe, your swimmers will believe. The magic is in the belief”.


Reece Whitley Named to The Root’s 2018 “Young Futurists” List

Reece Whitley one of 25 on The Root’s “Young Futurists 2018” list.


7 Qualities That Define Athletic Success

There is nothing quite like experiencing, or witnessing, moments of outstanding achievement, much like we are seeing this week at the high school and NCAA levels.

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