SwimSwam Pulse: IU Winner Picks Spiked 6x During NCAA Championships

Only 4.7% of voters believed in Indiana before the meet… but Blake Pieroni helped that number multiply by a factor of 6 after three sessions of men’s NCAAs.


Why Isn’t Caeleb Dressel A Household Name?

We witnessed amazing things this past weekend watching the 2018 Men’s D1 NCAA meet.


Cross Over Swim Kick

We all know the standard 2 beat, 4 beat, and 6 beat kick. If you don’t, for every right and left pull you kick 2 or 4 or 6 times in correspondence to the arm strokes.


University of Texas Lights Up Famous Tower for National Championship

The Texas men’s swimming & diving team won a nail-biter of an NCAA title on Saturday.


Shallow Water Blackout Shows No Age Bias

Although shallow water blackout, or loss of consciousness due to prolonged breath holding in a pool or shallow body of water, is typically associated with young children and age group swimmers, the unfortunate scenario can happen to anyone of any age.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 54% Oppose Alcohol Sales At Senior Swim Meets

Voters were very split on their opinions of alcohol sales at senior-level swim meets, with 54% opposing and about 46% in favor.


Will Swimming Pay For College?

When my kids were little and new to our swim team, we never thought about college scholarships.


The Eyes Of The Storms

I knew she was a fighter as soon as we made eye contact.  I was standing behind the blocks cheering for my friends when she walked up to her block with long, confident strides.

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3 Not-So-Quick Tips To Improve Your Mental Game

I have focused my research on understanding and remedying the phenomenon of choking under pressure in sports, particularly swimming.

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You Have To Have Fun

Sometimes, having an intense desire for something can actually be a bad thing.

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3 Nutrition Secrets For Top Performance

Some athletes don’t consider nutrition as a part of training, but it is one of the most important building blocks in your swim training and can greatly impact your performance.


3 Highly Recommended Pre-Race Meals for Swimmers

What you eat right before the race is just as important, so we’ve put together some meal ideas that will keep you going throughout the day.

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SwimSwam Pulse: 73% Believe Ledecky Can Break 15:00

Less than one day away from the race itself, nearly three-quarters of SwimSwam voters said they believe Katie Ledecky can break fifteen minutes in the 1650 freestyle.


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The next issue is WOMEN IN SWIMMING. It is over one pound, the biggest issue since the 2016 Olympic Preview. We profile the biggest female influencers in swimming–Olympic icons, rising talent, the greatest coaches, CEOs, Olympic industry insiders, even a famous comedian.

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My Final College Swim, A Letter To Future College Swimmers

I just finished my final year of college swimming. Four years up, four years down, just like that.


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