Ledecky World Record, Texas-UVA, & Peaty’s Motivation | THE SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Katie Ledecky‘s 1500 free (SCM) world record, the upcoming Texas-Virginia dual meet, and Adam Peaty‘s new-found motivation. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 2:48 Katie Ledecky‘s 1500 Free World Record – What does this mean for Katie Ledecky and the record books moving forward?
  • 7:00 Do Summer McIntosh and Katie Ledecky‘s
  • 3:52 400 Free swims change your perspective on Li Bingjie‘s
  • 3:51 world record?
  • 13:06 Why is it problematic that the Texas-Virginia swim meet does NOT have a live stream?
  • 21:52 How will swimming be affected if the NCAA adopts a “No volunteer coaches” policy?


  • 30:07 Will Adam Peaty win gold in the 50 & 100 Breast at the world champs in Fukuoka?
  • 35:55 Will Ruta Meilutyte show up in Melbourne at the SC World Champs?
  • 37:59 Will we see a head-to-head-to-head 100 free showdown in Fukuoka between Popovici, Chalmers, and Dressel?
  • 40:32 Will Michigan State Swimming and Diving actually get reinstated?
  • 43:57 Will Katie Grimes or Alexa Reyna break the World Jr Record in Indy?

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2 months ago

Braden is right that it sucks that the most common way into D1 coaching particularly at power 5 schools is to do have to work as a volunteer first. But allowing more coaching spots and eliminating volunteers and GAs is just going to increase the gap b/n the most funded programs and everyone else. There’s plenty of combined mid major programs that don’t even use every available coaching spot, and there are other good programs that will try to hire an assistant as a nine month appointment with no benefits.

Maybe the school shouldn’t have the sport if they can’t actually pay the coaches, but then there’s fewer places where kids can go swim in college.

2 months ago

If I had to guess, I’d say one reason the UT/UVA meet isn’t being streamed is Longhorn Network and swimming’s experience with that. I don’t think UT ever set up streaming like other universities did because they had LHN. And LHN used to broadcast swim meets, but it was kind of a nightmare. They’d send a production team (with Olympians doing commentary) with a director who had no knowledge of how swim meets run and would not listen or even talk to anyone about how best to broadcast it. So meets took too long. Like waaaaaay too long. UT / Florida was a nightmare because of LHN. Swimmers would be standing around waiting for TV to tell everyone they could… Read more »

Snowpipers of Alaska
2 months ago

In the midst of some not-so-awesome life things, listening to this earlier today was a bright spot. You guys did well with this one. Thank you.

2 months ago

Rowdy commentating is not a plus.

2 months ago

I’m glad that Swimswam will be posting UT-UVA race videos on youtube after the sessions conclude. If there will be separate videos for each race, is it too much to ask that the titles don’t give away the results? (i.e. “Watch Gretchen Walsh set an NCAA best time in the 100 Back”)

Deep Trouble
2 months ago

0% chance that Peaty wins gold in the 50 and 100 SC breakstroke. Even in peak form, he struggles in the SC format, and I doubt that 4 months will be enough for him to regain any semblance of his top form. (Plus, he turns 28 soon, and there’s a decent chance that he has begun to irreversibly decline due to natural aging.)

0% chance that Dressel contests the 100 free in Fukuoka. If he even tries to make the team in 2023, I bet that he will only enter the 50 free and 50 fly events. But I predict that he only gets back in the water in the spring of 2023, and won’t leave himself enough time to… Read more »

Reply to  Deep Trouble
2 months ago

Prett sure that we’re talking about LC worlds for Peaty

Reply to  Joel
2 months ago

On the breakdown

Reply to  Joel
2 months ago

Yeah my responses were based on LC Worlds…

2 months ago

This is quite random but thought of it during the Ruta discussion. Who’s considered the best female breaststroker ever? I feel like the contenders are Leisel, Soni, Beard, Penny Hayes, and potentially King if she’s able to medal individually in 2024.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  swimswamswum
2 months ago

Huh yeah, there’s not really one obvious name that comes to mind. (Feel like King might have a good claim if she wins a gold in the 100 or 200 in Paris? She’s had a hell of a run since 2016, esp at WCs.) Ruta’s also setting herself up for a potentially amazing story.

There’s no immediate answer, like people (wrongly) saying Peaty for breast. (The correct answer is Kitajima, obviously.)

Reply to  Steve Nolan
2 months ago

Kitajima cheated his way to hold on Athens. Should be counted against him.

Emily Se-Bom Lee
2 months ago

For ice cold sink/swims, here’s one from Ben in April:

“Will Leon Marchand win a medal at worlds?”

Ben: Swim for the 200 breast. Given his trajectory, the IMs are a bit harder right now, but the 200 breast is his best shot. I think he’ll be on the podium. Probably not gold



Steve Nolan
Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
2 months ago

Oh no, actual receipts.

Obese Legend
Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
2 months ago

Ben’s worst take was picking Matthew Sates in all drafts.

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