Klete Keller Pleads Not Guilty To Seven Charges In Capitol Riot

Olympic swimmer Klete Keller pleaded not guilty to all seven charges he’s facing in federal court for his role in the January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

The Guardian reports that the 38-year-old Keller pleaded not guilty in a video hearing and is due back in court on April 6.

On January 6th, supporters of President Donald Trumpwho lost the 2020 presidential election, broke into the United States Capitol Building and clashed with police. The riot happened as Congress was tallying electoral votes in last November’s election, in which President-elect Joe Biden defeated Trump. Five people died or were killed amid the mob, including Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Multiple people within the swimming community identified Keller in video footage of the mob of people who had broken into the Capitol Rotunda. The 6’6″ Keller stood out in videos due to his height, and because he appears to be wearing his U.S. Olympic gear in the video. Keller represented Team USA in three Olympic Games: 2000, 2004, and 2008.

Keller’s charges include:

  • Civil disorder
  • Obstruction of an official proceeding, and aiding and abetting
  • Entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds
  • Disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds
  • Impeding passage through the Capitol Grounds or buildings
  • Parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building

After he was first charged, Keller turned himself in to federal authorities on January 14th, 2021. He was released without bail, agreeing to not return to Washington D.C. prior to the presidential inauguration of President Biden on January 21. He was also required to not possess firearms and retained the ability to travel from Colorado to visit his children in North Carolina.

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Sun Yangs Hammer
1 month ago

What’s that old adage? If you can’t do the time don’t commit insurrection against the sitting government of the United States. Really rolls off the tongue

1 month ago

I knew he wasn’t guilty… Free Klete Keller!

Reply to  Guerra
1 month ago

Its a plea dingbat

1 month ago

Not the sharpest fork in the outlet…

Reply to  OK_Bruther
1 month ago

He swamed with a few black swimmer’s.he was a gentleman.he Made a fun mistake.
He’s human.
Don’t hate klete only motivate

Reply to  Johnson
1 month ago

i Sincerely hope this was a weak attempt to troll.otherwise wow.

He Said What?
Reply to  Johnson
1 month ago


Barbie Cadriol I'll
Reply to  Johnson
1 month ago

Unfortunately, I think his motivation may come with some prison time. He might have been unarmed, but… My grandma ask me, while we were sitting in the ER getting a cast on my arm.. if your brother jumped off London Bridge does that mean you have to jump too?

Barbie Cadriol I'll
Reply to  Johnson
1 month ago

A FUN mistake? He was a gentleman?? Fun , Mistake , and Gentleman are rarely in the same thought. Throw ..” a f÷w black swimmers”. This doesn’t sound good at all. What’s the difference between swimmers and black swimmers?

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