Klete Keller Turns Himself in to Authorities for Capitol Riot Charges

On Thursday, two-time Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller turned himself into federal authorities after he was charged by the U.S. District Court in Denver for his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riot on Wednesday. 

The 3 charges he faces, and maximum punishments, are:

During a brief court hearing yesterday, Magistrate Judge Michael E. Hegarty informed Keller of the maximum punishments listed above. The judge capped the “obstructing law enforcement” felony charge at a maximum prison sentence of 5 years and he included that Keller could face fines of up to $250,000 for each charge.

Keller was released without bail under the condition that he does not return to Washington D.C. before the presidential inauguration on January 21. Keller agreed to appear at future hearings and to not possess firearms.

According to USA Today, Magistrate Judge Hegarty ordered that Keller may leave Colorado to visit his children in North Carolina, but he will have to ask for permission to visit them after this scheduled trip. He also surrendered his passport. 

The Denver court stated that the grand jury will have the ability to add additional charges upon further investigation. This was in reference to Capitol riot cases in which further investigation prompted defendants to be charged with more than they were originally arrested for. 

Video footage from Townhall reporter Julio Rosas that showed 6-foot-6 Keller in the Capitol Rotunda wearing his Team USA jacket during the riot led to SwimSwam first identifying him. In that footage, Keller appears to be nonviolent.

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3 years ago

He could of just say he was there for a swimming contest. And need to win that gold medal again. That’s what Americans are there for.

3 years ago

Now the crying is supposed to say I’m american and I should get a free get out of jail card. He wasn’t crying when he stormed into the capital. Face the fact. If you are really american then just go do your time like all those other people that got arrested.

Dennis Luke
3 years ago

Another Democrat.

3 years ago

I think racial privilege might have played a role in this decision. Still, I believe justice needs to be reached, and that might not mean a maximum punishment.

3 years ago

2 points to those that would convolute January 6.
(1) Trumpsters killed a cop (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9135979/Family-killed-Capitol-Police-officer-Brian-Sicknick-release-heartbreaking-statement.html)
(2) In Trump’s eye’s Keller would be a loser, no individual gold, not even silver? (https://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/trump-attacks-mccain-i-like-people-who-werent-captured-120317)

Reply to  VikingMan
3 years ago


Viking Man
Reply to  Swimmer4758
3 years ago

Simply an article filled with quotes from his family. It’s a shame you will never read it and get a sense of this hero who voted for Trump and was loved by his family.

Something something
Reply to  VikingMan
3 years ago

He was a fine swimmer, ok, I guess he was pretty good- not as good as me of course- a lot of people told me that I should have swam the 300 meter- but he’s no Michael Phelps, I mean, c’mon 8, 13, 49- however many medals he won, they were all gold right? All gold? He was no saint though, did you see that picture of him? You know… Not someone you want to see your daughter with. Of course, I’ve always known that swimming was something that I could have been very, very good at- probably better than Phelps.
Probably. In fact I once raced a major Olympian, Gary Hill or something I think it was, and… Read more »

3 years ago

Take back his medals ! What a gross excuse for a human and horrible example for the swimming community

3 years ago

At this point, the guy has turned himself in and will deal with the consequences. Let’s give him the courtesy of remembering him at his best and give the dude some space to get his life back on track.


3 years ago

Turning himself in is about the only thing he did right in all this mess.
Read the WaPo story and Rowdy said he thinks this might have been Klete’s cry for help. So… let’s hope he gets the help he needs. Not that American prisons are particularly know for the effectiveness of their ‘rehabilitation’ programs.

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