Japanese Olympic Trials May Proceed Without Spectators

In the aftermath of the Chinese Olympic Trials having been moved due to COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) outbreak, along with Singapore’s National Age Group Championships and several Italian swim meets, there is a change to the 2020 Japan Swim currently under consideration for the same reason.

The Japan Swim, slated for April 1st through the 8th at Tokyo Aquatics Center, represents the nation’s sole qualifying competition for his summer’s home-hosted Olympic Games.

Due to the COVID-19 cases reported, which total over 80,000 worldwide, the Japanese Swimming Federation has announced that the Japan Swim may be a closed competition, meaning no spectators will be allowed in the facility during racing. (Yahoo)

“We will consider the situation as we watch things,” says Japanese Swimming Federation Senior Managing Director Kaname Sakamoto.

Seven countries have restricted entry to Japanese nationals and those traveling from Japan in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. The U.S. State Department has called for ‘increased caution’ when traveling to Japan.

However, Japan has just 160 reported cases of COVID-19 out of a population topping out at around 126 million people.

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1 year ago

This is a better option than postponing the meet.

Ultimately, the Olympics will be held on schedule because of TV. They will find a way to broadcast it.

Corn Pop
1 year ago

I predicted the Olympics if they go.ahead will be with.considerably less spectators.. This is certainly on the way. So I have decided in the Olympic prediction event I have made the Qualifying .The re are still heats & semis & finals to go but I.am on the staring line . It is looking like the Prime Event of the whole games .Move over Simone !

The medium age of Olympic event spectators is those who have the money & time to travel which i s not the young or employed struggling to keep their workload or even.jobs The C19 fears will have further impact on jobs security plus the older spectators are exactly those at more risk ..

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