Italy Announces Roster For 2019 European Short Course Championship

The Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) announced today that 41 swimmers have been selected to represent Italy at the 2019 European Short Course Championships.

The competition will be held In Glasgow, Scotland, from December 4th to 8th.

The Technical Director of the National Team, Cesare Butini, said in a FIN press release:

“The invitations to the next short European Championships are in line with the quality of our development. The team is, as always, of a remarkable technical level and includes the presence of both experienced and young athletes. All of our best athletes will be there.

“In the respect of the indicated criteria, thanks to the support of the federal management, we wanted to start, as already said in other places, a process of generational change inserting some young people, like Cocconcelli and Deplano, who have distinguished themselves in the recent season, to favor their technical growth. I have also included some athletes who have given important signals at the beginning of the season, such as Rivolta, Scalia, Pirovano, Caramignoli and Tarocchi.”

In that vein, the team consists of a good mixture of experienced athletes such as Federica Pellegrini, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Gabriele Detti, Simona Quadarella andyoung talents such as Benedetta Pilato, Thomas CecconCostanza Cocconcelli, Leonardo DePlano, Anna Pirovano. They will be able to successively take the next steps on the international stage after their outstanding performances in the Junior events last summer.

The big name that hit the qualifying time but will miss the meet anyway is Federica Burdisso. There were also 9 swimmers who missed the qualifying time but earned invites anyway: Costanza Cocconcelli, Silvia Di Pietro, Silvia Scalia, Federico Bocchia, Anna Pirovano, Leonardo Deplano, Martina Caramignoli, Lorenzo Tarocchi, and Matteo Rivolta.

At the last edition of the short course European Championships, Italy earned the 2nd-most medals, 17, behind only Russia, and ranked 3rd in the medals table order with 5 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze (behind Russia and Hungary). That was the front end of an explosion in Italian swimming that has allowed them to climb back to the forefront of the world’s swimming nations.



  1. Federica Pellegrini
  2. Simona Quadarella
  3. Margherita Panziera
  4. Benedetta Pilato
  5. Martina Carraro
  6. Arianna Castiglioni
  7. Elena Di Liddo
  8. Ilaria Bianchi
  9. Ilaria Cusinato
  10. Giulia Gabbrielleschi
  11. Francesca Fangio 
  12. Costanza Cocconcelli
  13. Martina RIta Caramignoli
  14. Silvia Scalia
  15. Anna Pirovano
  16. Silvia Di Pietro


  1. Santo Condorelli
  2. Manuel Frigo
  3. Alessandro Miressi
  4. Filippo Megli
  5. Gabriele Detti
  6. Marco De Tullio
  7. Gregorio Paltrinieri
  8. Domenico Acerenza
  9. Simone Sabbioni
  10. Matteo Restivo
  11. Fabio Scozzoli
  12. Nicolo Martinenghi
  13. Piero Codia
  14. Matteo Ciampi 
  15. Stefano Ballo 
  16. Lorenzo Mora 
  17. Alberto Razzetti 
  18. Marco Orsi 
  19. Mattia Zuin
  20. Giovanni Izzo
  21. Lorenzo Tarocchi
  22. Leonardo Deplano
  23. Matteo Rivolta
  24. Thomas Ceccon
  25. Federico Bocchia

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