Hunter Armstrong: “It is kinda nice, though, to have people taller than me”


Reported by James Sutherland.


  • World Record: Ryan Murphy (USA) – 51.85 (2016)
  • American Record: Ryan Murphy (USA) – 51.85 (2016)
  • US Open Record: Aaron Peirsol (USA) – 51.94 (2009)
  • World Junior Record: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS) – 52.53 (2018)
  • 2016 Olympic Champion: Ryan Murphy (USA) – 51.97
  • 2016 US Olympic Trials Champion: Ryan Murphy – 52.26
  • Wave I Cut: 56.59
  • Wave II Cut: 55.51
  • FINA ‘A’ Cut: 53.85
  1. Ryan Murphy (CAL), 52.33
  2. Hunter Armstrong (OSU), 52.48
  3. Shaine Casas (TAMU), 52.76

Ryan Murphy held off an unbelievable late push from the upstart Hunter Armstrong to win his second straight Olympic Trials 100 backstroke title in a time of 52.33, adding just over a tenth to his season-best (52.22) from last night.

That swim from the semi-finals ranks Murphy second in the 2020-21 world rankings.

Armstrong, a 20-year-old out of Ohio State, surprised many when he popped off with a 52.67 swim in the semi-finals, and he went almost a full two-tenths quicker tonight to make the team (most likely) in the second spot.

Turning seventh at the 50 in 25.73, Armstrong turned on the jets coming back, marking the only swimmer in the field to close sub-27 in 26.78. That moved him past early leader Shaine Casas to snag the runner-up spot in 52.48, making him the fifth-fastest American of all-time.

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1 month ago

Didn’t love the semi final celebration but this is a very humble and well spoken interview that changes my mind. Excited to see what he can do in Tokyo and again in 3 years with more swimming under his belt

1 month ago

HA goes 49.2 in Tokyo 🙂

1 month ago

You ruined my pickem. Congrats though, I guess.

1 month ago

You are making all of us feel bad about ourselves. Started swimming full time after dropping football two years ago.

Reply to  Joe
1 month ago

He swam long course for the first time in 2017. Didn’t really commit until 2018. Truly insane

Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

This dude’s going to go full-on Held if he makes it to the podium.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

I think you mean when he makes the podium

1 month ago

Dover representing!

Sailing Swimmer
1 month ago

His name is Hunter “The Magic Man” Armstrong for a reason.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sailing Swimmer
Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Sailing Swimmer
1 month ago

He’s a Heart fan?

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
1 month ago

Go find his Instagram

John Culhane
1 month ago

I don’t want to disparage people’s religious beliefs, but I do get tired of hearing the constant praising of “the Lord above.” Thank the people and support you receive, y’know, here on Earth.

Reply to  John Culhane
1 month ago

Waiting for the day someone thanks Xenu. L. Ron Hoyabembe was a pretty strong swimmer back in the day.

Alex Dragovich
Reply to  John Culhane
1 month ago

Well as hard as you tried not to, you just disparaged them. Sometimes it’s better to keep the voice inside your head where it is.

Reply to  Alex Dragovich
1 month ago

His beliefs are there is nothing above my ego mind . His choice

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