Horton, Campbell Sisters, Larkin Reveal Their Toughest Sets Ever

Ever wonder how they train down under? Gain some insight into how the Aussies do it, as stars such as Mitch Larkin, Mack Horton, Bronte Campbell, Cate Campbell and recently-minted Short Course World Championships bronze medalist Alex Graham describe their toughest workouts.

Jack Cartwright, Shayna Jack, Ellie Coleand Tanya Huebner also reveal some of their most memorable, punishing practices that didn’t kill them, but made them stronger.

Sets such as 17 x 400s, a 4k IM for time and other nasty scenarios are thrown around as the elite athletes reminisce on practice sessions that made them puke, see stars in their eyes or just downright hate life for that moment in time.

But, they all survived, just as you will after your next grueling workout in the pool.

Video courtesy of Australian Dolphins Swim Team.

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3 years ago

A six hour training session is sheer madness.

3 years ago

25k broken for time…

3 years ago


Reply to  Swimmers
3 years ago

Why on earth would you want to do a set like this?

Reply to  Swimmers
3 years ago

What is the point of this again?

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