Hear From Peaty, Tutton & Other Winners At Edinburgh Int’l

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tammy touchpad error
3 years ago

Peaty isn’t respected as much as he should be (maybe because breaststroke isn’t a “real” stroke). At least here in the USA. Dude is gonna go a 56 low. He knows it. He wants it. He talks about it. It’s coming. Dressel has a lot of talent, and I’m excited to see what comes, but the fact they were mentioned in the same sentence, let alone article, concerning breaststroke, is ridiculous. Dude is the GOAT, and if we were talking about solo events, he’s probably better than Phelps 200m Fly, Thorpe 200 or 400 Free, maybe only on a level of Mary T… And he hasn’t even begun to peak.

Reply to  tammy touchpad error
3 years ago

God forbid we have some fun

Reply to  tammy touchpad error
3 years ago

U r going to have to wait a long long long time to make a good comparison of historical times. Pretty is amazing but to compare to some of those others the time needs to stand for decades. Mary T, Janet Evans, Johnny Weizmuller, etc 30 years for each to still be elite times. He has a shot at it though!

3 years ago

Adam Peaty is pretty boring…. That is the reason he struggles to be seen alongside those other guys. Amazingly fast swimmer, but in interviews and anything with the media he is very bland. Probably not his fault, advisers etc. tell him to say this and that, but he needs to show some personality.

Secondly, I know people have tried to fix his dive, but they really need to be better. If you cannot fix it (or improve it) with the resources available, you are not a very good at your job. Some very average swimmers were ahead of him by half a body length in his 50m heat yesterday, if that is corrected he could go be winning by… Read more »

Reply to  SwiMark
3 years ago

The full force of British Swimming’s boffins should be determining what’s wrong with his start. Annoyingly Mel Marshall was asked about this a while ago and she basically implied that everyone else is cheating! With all the underwater footage nowadays you can see that is utter rubbish. It’s criminal that he loses so much on the start. His reaction times are always fantastic and I wonder whether he concentrates more on getting away quickly and less on the power off the block.

Reply to  SwiMark
3 years ago

You’ve hit the nail on the head regarding his personality. We have an awards show at the end of the year called the Sports Personality of the Year where he was nominated alongside other GB athletes. I voted for Ali Brownlee as he comes across as a great guy where as Peaty seems bland and cares more about cars, designer clothes, posing and making weird statements. Maybe it’s his age though as he is in his early 20s.

Sum Ting Wong
Reply to  GBR
3 years ago

If Bounce the Labrador had decided to go on BBC swimming in 2017 as against analysing ppl in 2015 & 2016 , Adam would have fared even worse .

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