Follow The 2016 U.S. Olympic Roster On Twitter, Instagram

Now that the 2016 U.S. Olympic roster has officially been announced, familiarize yourself with the athletes’ Twitter handles and Instagram usernames to get behind-the-scenes glimpses into their preparation. Below, we’ve also included a quick-hit list of sources to follow on Twitter to make sure you’re updated with the latest and greatest information with Rio just one month away.

Athlete Name – Twitter handle, Instagram username



  1. Merica says:

    @theGunnyBunny wins best twitter handle

    mayadorito is also pretty great!

  2. DCS says:

    Michael Kenny- MJKenny3

  3. JudgeNot says:

    I like it, very much, that Jack Conger and Clark Smith have no Twitter or Instagram. And yes, I know what that says about me…

  4. CalBearsFan says:

    Jacob Pebley’s instagram : jacob.pebley

  5. insert clever name here says:

    Conger has an instagram now lol

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